10 dates to warm up your marriage this summer

Are you ready to warm up your marriage with some hot summer nights? These 10 dates can raise the temperature in your relationship. Ready, go, go!

1. Be a kid again. When I think of the summers of my childhood, I remember endless games of hide-and-seek. Now we have adult responsibilities that prevent us from being loose and free of fancy. You can regain some of that happiness by being a child again. Activities can include mini golf, bowling, ice skating, and a visit to the amusement park or arena.

2. Gather a group. Remember when you used to hang out with your friends? Maybe it was at the mall, the park, or the local restaurant. There is nothing better than spending time with your friends, talking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. Get a bunch of your favorite couples together. Go on a walking tour of your city, go ax throwing or even participate in the escape room together.

3. Turn back. You know the saying, “The old becomes new again.” Think about clothes, music, or hairstyles from the past. Find a store that sells used clothing from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. Choose the appropriate outfit for each of you. Host your own Retro Date Night with friends, or you can all get dressed up and have a date like it was in the past. For example, on a 1950s date, go to a movie in the car and then go to a hamburger place or an ice cream parlor where you can share a milkshake.

4. Look to the future. Think about what your life might look like in 30 years. Will you retire? Will you own that boat or lake house of your dreams? Will you have grandchildren? Do you have an RV? Try renting an RV and go camping (or glamping) near your home. Or go ahead and rent a lake house for the weekend.

5. Enjoy your city. You may have lived in your city for years but never experienced it like a tourist. It can be fun to go for a walking tour. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a local farmers market.

6. Try a date night first things first. We have a long list of great dating nights that can all be done for free and at home. From learning how to dance salsa to baking an apple pie together, you and your spouse can rekindle that spark without ever leaving the house! (If you have kids, you don’t even need to hire a babysitter. Just start after the kids go to bed and enjoy an intentional night out together.)

7. Listen to the music of your life. Do you and your honey have a song? This summer could be a great time to enjoy an outdoor concert. One of my favorite concerts is when the local symphony plays outdoors. Classical music might not be your favourite, but check if your city has music festivals or local artists playing your favorite genres. It has been said that “music sometimes is the only medicine the heart and soul need.”

8. Expand your mind. Perhaps thinking about the heat or the crowds of people doesn’t sound fun. Alternatively, you may enjoy quieter moments together as you stimulate your brain, which is the largest sexual organ in the body. Look for art, historical, or cultural museums. If your city has public art, find it. Go see a play by a theater group. Find and watch a lecture by your favorite poet or writer.

9. Hit the road. Take a short car trip, a weekend trip to the beach or even a planned two-week road trip that allows you to see and experience something other than the usual. Talk to each other instead of spending time on your phone or device. If you run out of things to talk about, you can find plenty of conversation starters online.

10. Get physical. Doing something physical with your spouse creates a deeper level of intimacy and greater bonding with each other. Take part in a virtual race and train together. Or take an outdoor class like walking, yoga, or kayaking. (If you run out of ideas, you can always make a date in the bedroom!)

Make this your summer of love.

Gina Ellis is a relationship coach at First Things First, a family advocacy nonprofit. Email her at [email protected]

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