16 handles partner with Junior to create the world’s finest cheesecake ice cream

The world’s finest cheesecake ice cream will be available at all 16 handle locations starting June 8th

16 handles partner with Junior to create the world's finest cheesecake ice creamNew York City, New York (RestaurantNews.comNothing says summer like ice cream, and nothing says New York like a slice of Junior cheesecake. So 16 handles And the Junior Restaurant They unite to bring the best summer treat to New Yorkers: The best cheesecake ice cream in the world. Using this world-famous Junior recipe as inspiration, 16 Handles will spin a new cheesecake ice cream, made from scratch at 16 Handles’ Artisan Creamery.

New Yorkers can escape the summer heat with our new cream cheesecake topped with Junior Macaron crunch, strawberry sauce, and vanilla wafer, and make-to-order strawberry cheesecake sundaes, only in 16 handles. Exclusive new flavor and classic toppings fresh from Junior’s Kitchen will be available at all 16 handle locations all summer long (or while supplies last).

“We are always excited to find new ways to please every New York sweet-lover, and there is no better partner than 16 Handles to help achieve this mission,” said Alan Rosen, third generation junior owner. “With such a juicy flavour, this summer is sure to be the prettiest yet!”

June 21 marks the official start of summer, and Junior plans to spread the sweetness of summer far and wide. Juniors and 16 Handels will host summer samples of their new exclusive flavor at several locations in New York, bringing this iconic New York collaboration to the streets for New Yorkers and visitors to enjoy. Fans can follow on social media via @16handles and juniorscheesecake for details on the pop-up events.

“There is no one better than a Junior cheesecake,” said Solomon Choi, founder and CEO of 16 Handles. “We knew that combining these iconic New York confectionery brands would create delicious cheesecake ice cream, and we’re excited for everyone to try it out in our stores this summer!”

16 handles partner with Junior to create the world's finest cheesecake ice cream

about 16 handles

16 handles He opened his first store in Manhattan’s East Village in 2008, becoming the first self-serve frozen yogurt store in New York City. Since then, the brand has expanded to more than 30 locations with a menu that includes frozen yogurt, ice cream, vegan snacks, endless toppings, drinks, and other snacks. The full list of each store is available in the store and via the 16 Handles app. In addition to creating irresistible desserts, 16 Handles works closely with local and national organizations on partnerships and fundraising, including Trees for the Future, which focuses on environmental sustainability.

About Junior

Since the 1950s, Junior Restaurant and Bakery in Brooklyn, New York has been known for great food, great fun, great service, and of course, the world’s most famous cheesecake. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, Junior’s Restaurant and Bakery features comforting New York and Brooklyn dishes that range from classic New York sandwiches piled high, the famous 10-oz. Steak burgers, salads, half pound jumbo sausages, fresh seafood and a full service bar. For more information visit juniorscheesecake.com . Instagram: @JuniorsCheesecake, Twitter: @JuniorsCheeseck, Facebook: @JuniorsCheesecake

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