16 standalone ice cream parlors on Long Island

By Dylan Gallo

After the challenges the pandemic has posed to Long Island, a relaxing trip to your local ice cream shop is totally worth it.

With the past couple of years being too stressful for local business and with the temperature rising rapidly, now is the time to skip Baskin Robbins and head out to support some of Long Island’s best in the ice cream industry.

Here is a list of some mom-and-pop stores that will definitely scratch your sweet tooth itch.

Social Ice Cream

This family-owned, chef-run ice cream shop specializes in hand scoops and features 64 exquisite flavors handcrafted by chef Rob McCue and his wife, Kristen. In addition to the unique flavors, Ice Cream Social also offers frozen yogurt, milkshakes and malt, and a vegan menu including a soft serve Dole Whip. 1153 Jericho Crying, Comac, 631-543-7501

Milky Way Cereal & Ice Cream Bar

This quirky new independently owned ice cream shop has two convenient locations and offers a unique spin on ordering your favorite flavors by offering breakfast cereals as toppings and mixes. With a huge amount of customization on cones, cups and milkshakes, there are plenty of ways to make your own ice cream/cereals or choose from a menu of specials. 2229 t. 112, Coram 631-846-8868/22 Clinton Ave., Huntington, 631-470-3523

McNulty Ice Cream

With a warm and assured feel, McNulty’s Ice Cream is a mainstay born in 1992 that has an extensive catalog of hard and soft ice cream flavors, Italian sundaes, and one-of-a-kind cakes for birthday parties. Homemade ice cream and relaxed atmosphere make for a real and fun visit. 153 In Country Street, Miller Place, 631-474-3543

Homemade Quill Ice Cream

This 1950s-style ice cream parlor offers a menu of 60 homemade flavors and a soda fountain of egg and malt creams. The music and ambiance of this shop will undoubtedly transport you back in time as the delicious desserts and vintage style will surely please you. 75 Howells Road, Bay Shore 631-666-2229/509 Main Street, Islip, 631-617-5014

Old fashioned ice cream

Making homemade desserts since 1973, Old Fashioned Ice Cream has more than proven its worth with enough sundaes, shakes, cakes, and pies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Offering everything from classic flavors to new vegetarian options, this store has something for everyone. 1025 Straight Road, West Babylon, 631-669-3020

Lex Ice Cream

Liks, which means “little ice cream shop,” has been in business for years and offers spoiled ice cream, gelato, yogurt, and ice. Having been in Northport for over 25 years, Lics has created over 70 unique ice cream flavors and a delicious fleet of gelato flavors, including rainbow cake and raspberry cake. 74 Main Street, Northport, 631-757-9099

Strong Island Ice Cream

Over 30 flavors and a giant banana ensure that your trip to Strong Island Ice Cream will be an unforgettable one. All of their flavors are handcrafted, and many are completely unique, such as maple, walnut, and Nutella. 127 Smithtown Street, Nesconst, 631-656-5930

Ice Cream Cafe Tweet

A trip to the shops of the East Wind wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Tweet’s. With 20 flavors of hard ice cream and 30 toppings, customers love to mix and match with their perfect creations. Sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan options are available with Dole Whip. 5768 Rd 25A Suite L, Wadding River, 631-886-1293

Snowflake Ice Cream Shop

Snowflake offers a large selection of soft and hard ice cream with a few available for everyone. Whether it’s a solid Dutch chocolate scoop or a soft lemonade, Snowflake has the best of both worlds with its delicious homemade scoops. With sugar-free flavors always added to the menu, there’s really no reason not to enjoy them. 1148 W Main St, Riverhead, 631-727-4394

Ice cream hut

With many positive reviews and a fleet of delicious flavors to back it up, Ice Cream Cottage is a place you can’t miss. With flavors ranging from the traditional to creative and seasonal desserts that travel on and off the menu, there are plenty of delicious varieties to choose from. 1590 Montauk Hoi. , Mastic, 631-395-3580

Mia’s Ice Cream Kitchen

This fairly new establishment in Selden offers a menu packed with delicious flavors whether they’re tooth-inspiring or sugar-free. It also offers seven unique flavors for adults that include interesting creations such as amaretto cherry and coconut rum. These flavors include alcohol, which means they are not kid-friendly but perfect for mom and dad to enjoy. 1245 Middle Country Road. Unit 7, Selden, 631-846-6452

frozen ice cream

The Oceanside Shop offers homemade ice cream in flavors like banana and strawberry made with the real fruit. The store’s “Wacky Wednesday” offer offers a light “buy one get one free” sundae, making Frozen Side a delicious and affordable option for families. 3286 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, 516-286-0077

International Delight Cafe

This café offers a wide range of desserts, including an impressive list of gelato flavors that take chocolate to the next level. Chocolate mousse and cheesecake take decadence to a new level at this locally owned shop that truly earns the name Delight. 322 Bedford Ave., Bellmore, 516-409-5772

Hicksville Sweet Shop

Having been open since 1925, this sweet shop has delicious flavors and decades of experience to back them up, ensuring a taste that will stay with you for a long time. Owners Phillip and Eva Zouro pride themselves on their house-made flavours, but scoops like creamy, rich chocolate definitely speak for themselves. 75 S Broadway, Hicksville, 516-931-0130

Marshall Ice Cream Bar

This locally owned and family-run shop has been serving delicious scoops, delicious ice cream cakes, and other frozen treats since 1953 and isn’t showing any sign of stopping anytime soon. Lots of flavors and a fast-moving line ensure you’ll come back many times after your first visit. Plus, it’s right next door to the much-loved All American Hamburger Drive-in, so it’s a perfect spot for an ice cream after eating a local fast food. 4276 Merrick Rd, Masapeka, 516-798-9723

Douglas and James Homemade Ice Cream (Desserts on the Quayside)

Great homemade flavours, an interesting decor of antiques to keep you engaged while waiting in line, of course, because so many people walk in, and the friendly staff, they all describe it. Try the sweet treat or order a vanilla ice cream soda like Grandma used to buy at her hometown candy store. Here’s a sweet little ice cream spot with plenty of treats: ice cream sundaes, sherbet, mushy serving plus hand-wrapped ice cream are regular reasons to go. 405 Main Street, Port Washington, 516-708-1706

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