18 Must-Try Takeaways in North Jersey

Takeaway to North Jersey like Robin to Batman. Every city has it – some old, some new. This overabundance can be intimidating to some, but to us it is deceptive. Unlike the sandwich deserts found in other states, New Jersey always has something for you when it comes to takeaways and the like. From authentic Italian salomeria, to hearty kosher dishes that pile pastrami half a foot high, these are 18 takeaways you must try in North Jersey.

Fiores – Hoboken, New Jersey

Serving generic sandwiches and fresh mozzarella since 1913, Fiore’s is a staple of New Jersey deli culture. Unlike most sandwich places, Fiore lacks a consistent menu. Instead, they offer daily specials; Pork on Monday, corned beef on Tuesday, sausage on Wednesday, tuna on Friday and hot roast beef and broth on Thursdays and Saturdays. Fiore has something for nearly all sandwich lovers, and there’s a reason to stretch the streak down the block every day.

Roast Beef Sub by Fiore’s – Picture of Shannon Demore

Michael Salomeria – Lyndhurst, New Jersey

For 30 years, Michael Salomeria has served Lyndhurst with authentic Italian sandwiches, dishes, and salads. The menu is small, but they make an apparent effort to focus on quality over quantity. Whether it’s an imported mortadella sandwich with ricotta and tomato, or a homemade chicken salad with grapes, almonds, and balsamic, Michaels doubles down on every ingredient he leaves his kitchen with by keeping it simple and of the highest quality.

Mike’s Pasta and Sandwich Shoppe – Knutley, NJ

In a state full of delicious foods history, Mike is still considered the new kid on the block. The deli counter has many offerings and every item is handcrafted to perfection. Options include pints of truffle cheese or classic cheese Italian Sub With ham, salami, provolone, cherry peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion and oil and vinegar—but they don’t shy away from custom sandwiches either. Handcrafted extruded pastas and eggs are available for purchase, which sets Mike apart from the rest.

Mortadella sub from Mike’s Pasta and Sandwich Shoppe – Photo by @mikespastasandwichshoppe on Instagram

Sparo’s Deli – Upper Montclair, NJ

Sparo’s is Italian food, whose mission is to take guests back to their childhood using family recipes that have been passed down for generations. The prepared specialties like broccoli rabe, eggplant cutlets and pasta salad are a childhood nostalgia, but they Lil Gracie Sandwich makes me come back. Fresh Roasted Pork, Broccoli Spring, Provolone And Duke Mayonnaise Complete With Fresh Semolina Rolls And Gravy For Dipping. This sandwich is a tribute to the original that can be found in John Roast Pork in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can order it over herealong with any of the other handcrafted Sbarro specialties.

“Lil Gracie” by Sparo’s Deli – Photo by @sparosdeli on Instagram

Melbourne Daily – Melbourne and Montclair, NJ

This is no one’s surprise. Melbourne Daily He’s been ferrying sandwiches to North Jersey for the past 70 years now with no signs of slowing down. The menu is extensive covering Italian, American and Jewish specialties. their famous dirty atmosphere It’s a fan favorite, but it’s nothing like what you might imagine. Your choice of house-roasted meat stacked on three slices of rye bread with fresh coleslaw and Russian dressing. The sandwich is cut not into two, but into three – which has become a ubiquitous mark of the Melbourne Deli sandwich. You can order Sloppy Joe or any of their specialties Online.

The iconic Sloppy Joe from Millburn Deli – Photo by @millburndeli on Instagram

Annamaria’s Deli – East Rutherford, NJ

Annamaria is a direct gateway to Italy. You won’t find American cheese or turkey here, but what you will find are imported Italian meats, cheeses and oils. It’s the perfect place to grab a fresh sandwich, or to hunt down hard-to-find Italian products like Bel Bae’s Italian cream cheese or Galvi Sparkling lemonade is intended to aid digestion. Imported Italian tuna and sardines are both delicious and rare, and homemade porchetta featured in Andrea Sandwich is the reason I can’t get enough of this place. Annamaria takes orders over hereWe suggest trying it sooner rather than later.

Wallington Daily – Wallington, NJ

This Italian-American joint serves hot and cold sandwiches at a fast rate. Mozzarella is made fresh every day, and its sandwiches – hot or cold – are served on long ciabatta rolls. Chicken subs are plentiful, but it’s items like cheesy steak that prove they can do it all. The Wallington Deli in Wallington, NJ figured out what works, and they haven’t changed since. No bells, no whistles, just delicious food.

Da Tino – Cedar Grove, New Jersey

This humble, cash-only joint dominated the space occupied by my childhood deli – Daily Place Plus. Da Tino in Cedar Grove, NJ serves sandwiches and deli that are seriously worth taking a trip for. Homemade roast beef and fresh tuna salad is tempting, but it’s the eggplant parmesan that has kept it in my frequent rotation range for brunch spots. Homemade mozzarella and fresh tomato sauce are just the beginning of the great food that owner Tino pays every day. Although Da Tino is new, it evokes nostalgia from all four walls.

Eggplant parm from Da Tino – photo from @pete.candia

Family Affair – Fairlawn, NJ

Meatballs and peppers infused with sharp provolone, soprasa, homemade sphogliatil, and brick-oven bread—a family affair in Fairlawn, NJ that definitely serves up more than just sandwiches. The owner, Eddie Tessie, is the all-rounder when it comes to his delicacies. Above all, a sense of familiarity and belonging hits you in the face as you enter A Family Affair, assuring you that you will not only be back, but you will be back soon. Whether it’s for large catering orders, or just a brunch on the go, this delicious treat is not to be missed.

The Daily King of Clark – Clark, New Jersey

This kosher delicacy is bound to satisfy even the oldest school of critics. Tongue, pastrami, brisket, and liver sauce are just some of the classic sandwiches, piled on rye bread, that the Deli King of Clark does so well. Like a few other Jersey sites, the Dirty sweethearts It generates a lot of buzz, but it’s the Jewish classics like brisket and white fish salad that have kept customers coming back for years. Their specialty lists can be found for Kiddush, Shiva, Rosh Hashanah and more over here.

Sloppy Joes at Deli King of Clark – Photo from @deli_king_of_clark on Instagram

Pastrami & Pickles – Rosell Park, NJ

The name doesn’t lie, but pastrami and pickles aren’t all you’ll find at the Roselle Park deli. Triple deck sandwiches and handmade salads are perfect if you’re looking for a quick lunch. Or, any of their impressive entrees, such as fish and chips, can be enjoyed in the casual dining room. Pastrami & Pickles describes itself as “a stylish modern American eatery and restaurant,” as they look to build their own community of regulars who love fine dining – plain and simple. Try it for yourself and order over here.

Andrea Salomeria – Jersey City, NJ

Freshly filled cannolis are reason enough for Andrea Salomeria to appear on your radar. Since 1975, this Jersey City establishment has been making homemade sandwiches, soups, and mozzarella by hand. The menu is small, but polished, and the approach to quality over quantity is greatly reflected in the final product. Imported meats and cut-to-order Pecorino Romano are a reminder of a simpler time for takeaway, when their craftsmen could really shine with what they do well. Dried thyme and salumi hang from the ceilings, while pasta and imported goods line the walls. This salomeria is a souvenir from the past.

Darke Pines – Jersey City, New Jersey

Darke Pines is a file sustainable butcher And a small grocery that just so happens to make some of the best sandwiches New Jersey has to offer. You’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere else to make their own mortadella at home – something that shows a tremendous amount of skill and dedication. Sandwiches are creative and delicious – like Pork and cheeseIt contains smoked ham, homemade pimento cheese, and pickles. The folks at Darke Pines do it right, and their butchery and sustainability experiences resonate in artisan sandwiches and takeaways.

Darke Pines Roast Beef Sandwich – Photo by darkepines on Instagram

Flynn’s Delicacies – Westwood, NJ

This is your classic Daily Jersey. Flynn’s Restaurant serves a mixture of Italian, Jewish, American and Irish dishes – all worth trying. sandwiches like Veronica Features crushed bell pepper, salami, provolone, fresh mozzarella cheese and cherry pepper in a fresh semolina roll. There are many sandwiches to choose from, and up to 10 different types of bread you can eat. Hot appetizers, breakfast specials, subs, and even barbecues are available on site, proving that Flynn has something for every customer. You can order from Flynn’s Delicatessen in Westwood, NJ over here.

Violante & Son – Cedar Grove, NJ

This meat and deli market has been operating out of Belleville, NJ since 1982 before moving to Cedar Grove a few years ago. The sandwiches are fresh and well priced. Classics like sopressata and fresh mozzarella with roasted peppers and balsamic vinegar, or home roast beef with cheese, are reminiscent of the sandwiches you grew up on. The staff behind the counter are both knowledgeable and friendly. So whether it’s prepared goods, imported oils, or a handmade sandwich, Violante & Son is worth a stop.

Chicken Cutlet Soup from Violante & Son – Photo via @pete.candia

Mia Familia Company – Melbourne, New Jersey

Yes, Melbourne has other delicious foods that are worth your time. This place is the real deal, serving an array of fresh pasta, homemade cheeses like hard-to-obtain mozzarella and scamorza, and indoor sopressata hanging from the ceiling. Of course, imported oils and canned goods are plentiful – many of which are mentioned in the legendary sandwiches. The original mavolita, a sandwich served on round sesame bread stuffed with olive salad, salami, mortadella and cheese, is unique to New Jersey given its historic roots in New Orleans, but, like everything else Mia Familia does, do it right.

Big Stash’s Subhouse – Kearney, NJ

In Kearny, Stash’s are a kind of local monument. The menu is small, with only a few sandwiches to choose from, but that’s no problem for regulars who’ve been busy at Big Stash’s Subhouse for over 40 years. Classic Italian subs with ham, salami and provolone prepared with shredded lettuce, thinly sliced ​​onions, tomatoes, red wine vinegar and oregano. It’s one of those subs that takes you back to your past. Taste, smell and feel work in tandem to create a sandwich experience that exudes nostalgia in every possible way.

Pastrami Grill Bistro – Garfield, NJ

Pastrami Grill is still in its infancy, but the food they serve is old. That’s because a lot of the staff comes straight from the world-famous Katz’s Delicatessen on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The pastrami and beef are very good, and they don’t require a track train ride to get there. From indulgent Sloppy Joes to potato soup and matzo ball soup, Pastrami Grill Bistro has already established itself as a great jersey at just one year of age. Stop by or order online over here.

Pastrami is sliced ​​at Pastrami Grill Bistro – Photo by pastramigrillbistro on Instagram

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