1908 Brands Move From Food To Focus On Boulder Clean

1908 Brands Inc. relocates. Producer of consumer goods from two food brands still under its control — its marinade, sauce and rub line Schultz Gourmet, and pasta sauce brand Pasta Jay’s — and focus on the company’s growing line of Boulder Clean household cleaning products.

The 1908 Brands Surface Cleaning Refill Kit, which includes reusable glass spray bottles and tablets of consumer cleaning chemicals that mix with water, has won the Expo West 2022 NEXTY Award. (1908 Brands / Courtesy photo)

“We have officially stopped trading foodstuffs,” Steve Savage, founder and CEO of 1908 Brands, told BizWest Tuesday.

While Savage may get done with its food brands, the man himself is still a co-owner of the Pasta Jay sauce dressing. 1908 Brands sold this portion of the business to a new entity controlled by Savage and Pasta founder Jay Elowsky.

Savage said the two food brands, remnants of a previously broader food group of 1,908 brands, “were profitable and easy to maintain.” But the limited shelf life of food products has made the industry stricter compared to cleaning products, Boulder Clean’s bailiwick company.

“You can do larger productions[with cleaning products]which lowers the cost,” Savage said.

With increased interest in Boulder Clean, which is expanding its retail distribution, Pasta Jay sauces will be a “sort of a side project” as Savage will retain a stake and a place on the board of directors. He will provide advisory services as needed.

“Jay (Elosky) knows the sauce, he knows his restaurant,” said Savage, whose new role will be less work-a-day, which has been a Pearl Street staple for decades.

Savage, who will not hold an ownership stake in Schultz, said the Schultz-Gourmet brand has been offloaded to Tom Hanshin, the former president of Lafayette-based fiber-optic cable manufacturer CCX Corp.

Boulder-born 1908 Brands moved its manufacturing operations to the Aurora this year, more than double the square footage.

Moving to an area of ​​approximately 50,000 square feet at 16401 E.

Surface Cleaning’s refill kit, which includes reusable glass spray bottles and tablets of consumer-mix cleaning chemicals with water, won the Expo West 2022 NEXTY Award. Organized by the Boulder-based New Hope Network, Expo West is the largest trade fair in the natural and organic products industry.

“It’s the future of home cleaning, so it’s very exciting,” Savage said of reusable materials and concentrates.

He said the younger generations are demanding greener cleaning supplies.

The cleanest home category is not without its challenges, particularly in an age of inflation and supply chain turmoil.

“Costs are going up,” Savage said, proving the increase in materials by about 35%.

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