20-Minute Salmon by Giada De Laurentiis Is a Weekend Night Dinner That Food Network Star Says ‘Impressive Enough’ to Entertain

tl; Dr:

  • Giada De Laurentiis offers a 20-minute recipe for salmon with artichokes and sundried tomatoes.
  • The celebrity chef seared salmon and served with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes in a white wine sauce.
  • It’s “a dinner that can take you from weekend night into weekend,” Giada De Laurentiis said.

This Roasted Salmon recipe from Giada De Laurentiis does two things. The Food Network chef describes it as a great option for a nighttime dinner. But she also says it doesn’t have to be a weekend night just because it’s special enough to entertain. Ahead, get De Laurentiis’ grilled salmon tips and learn how to make the “super easy” dish.

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