2022 MLB Draft File: Liam Simon

Shore Conference 2022 MLB Project Profile Hopeful

Liam Simon, RHRP, Notre Dame

High School Graduation Year): Freehold Town (2019)

2022 stats: 30.2 IP, 2-1, 4.99 ERA, 21 H, 28 BB, 56 K

HS Senior Year Statistics: 29.2 IP, 2-3, 3.78 ERA, 17 H, 34 BB, 45 K

High school resume

Simon made his final two seasons at Freehold Township having already committed to Notre Dame and it came as no surprise to his teammates and coaches who watched Simon throughout the entire baseball calendar the Irish were interested in. However, during the last two seasons of high school, Simon never settled down, reaching 3.90 ERAs (per seven innings) in his last two years with the Patriots as he walked together 59 hitters in 60 1/3 innings during the same spawns. Even though Simon had his troubles navigating the strike zone, he still shone a quick low 90 and turned in moments of brilliance while playing in the very tough Shore Conference Division I.

Liam Simon in Notre Dame. (Photo: UND.com)

Liam Simon in Notre Dame. (Photo: UND.com)

After high school

Whatever happens in Freehold Township, Notre Dame has been tamed to own Simon, especially this season. Although walking is still an issue (28 walks in 30 2/3 runs in 2022), Simon used big things to get big times for the Irish, hitting 56 hitters in the season. Simon hit eight out of five goalless innings to score in a 3-0 win over Virginia in the ACC quarterfinals, then hit eight out of three goalless innings against Texas Tech at the NCAA Regionals.

Why do you like the difference

If you’re going to walk as many fighters as Simon does, you need dirty things to keep scouts interested and Simon has developed some horribly dirty things. He clocked up to 101 mph and sat in the mid-’90s during post-season outings in Notre Dame this spring. While his secondary courts are still under construction, Simon’s passer has the potential to be a good second court and his change has played well while playing in the Cape Cod League this summer.

Why might the difference be hesitant

While Notre Dame entrusted Simon with some start-ups during the 2022 season, he will almost certainly be seen as loyal by any team that takes him on during the draft. Furthermore, taking control of his control while developing his secondary offerings would be a project for Simon and his new club, one that could take several years to improve in the minor leagues.

Legitimate or not, Simon has always had a big arm and has developed into a bigger arm than expected. Often times, control problems remain with pitchers, but it is not unheard of for a bowler to work his way from below-average control to above-average control. If the teams like things – and there are a lot of things you like – Simon will be a pick for Day Two and maybe a little early.

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