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Since there are a lot of us who enjoy the kitchen but just don’t top chef Case, nonstick cookware sets create opportunities for easy, pain-free cooking. Considering the materials (usually ceramic or aluminum), these pans are easy to use and clean because they distribute heat evenly shortening cooking time, preventing food from sticking, and are virtually scratch-resistant.

We’ve rounded up two of our in-house recipe developers for a day of playing in the kitchen. They cooked up some hearty French omelettes, tomato sauce, and rice—three ingredients that tend to stick—while evaluating each nonstick pan for its design, performance, temperature consistency, and ease of cleanup. The GreenPan SearSmart Hard Anodized Sanitary Ceramic 10 Piece Cookware and Pans Set was the best performer, but there were a few other sets that impressed us as well.

Below, take a look at the best nonstick cookware sets that people have tested for any chef in any kitchen.

Best Overall: GreenPan SearSmart Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware and Pans Set

Positives: The GreenPan SearSmart Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic 10-Piece Cookware and Pans Set offers premium non-stick coating, an easy-to-use cooking experience and hassle-free cleanup.

Negatives: It is somewhat expensive.

Whether you’re sautéing vegetables, sautéing an egg, or whipping up that side dish you bought at Trader Joe’s, a good nonstick skillet can be a universal kitchen tool. Our testers loved the GreenPan SearSmart 10-Piece Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware and Pans Set for its high performance during testing. (It also happens to be one of Cooking Channel star Kelsey Nixon’s favorite cookware brands!)

This group scored an excellent score for its non-stick coating that successfully prevented the rice pilaf from sticking to the sides of the pan, and allowed the omelette to glide over the plate smoothly. The tomato sauce boiled over in a little over 2 minutes, leaving only a bit of a film on the pan when poured. Our tester said the design had a “nice weight” and felt “balanced” when holding the pan. It also rinses out with minimal effort, making cleaning a breeze.

Although our tester felt the price was a bit high, and noticed the temperature was a bit inconsistent, we think this is the perfect non-stick cookware set for everyday use. It comes with six different utensils that are safe to use, extremely durable, and designed to serve delicious meals for years in your kitchen.

Ceramic, diamond trampoline, stainless steel handle

does not stick coating materials

PFOA-free, lead-free, PFA-free, and cadmium-free

Credit: People/Jennifer Causey

BEST VALUE: Farberware Dishwasher Safe Cookware and Pans Set, 15 Pieces

Positives: With this low budget nonstick cookware set, the temperature stayed consistent, there was minimal food sticking, and it was fairly easy to clean.

Negatives: It doesn’t look as solid as other combos.

This budget nonstick cookware set was another favorite of our testers due to its consistent heating, effective nonstick coating and minimal maintenance required. You get a lot more with this set for the price, which makes it a solid value.

During the cooking portion of our tests, the pan from this range had consistent temperatures on all sides of the pan, the sauce didn’t sear or sear, and the rice didn’t stick to the surface. With the omelette, there was some food stuck between the rivets after the meal was transferred to a plate. Our tester said the design makes “this frying pan extremely light and easy to maneuver.”

While she appreciated the price, our tester felt that the materials wouldn’t hold up over time, especially for home cooks who cook a ton, like hers. However, I did suggest that this set would be a great value for someone learning to cook, or even college students looking for good pans at a lower price.

Non-stick coating materials

Tempered glass, metal rim, screw-welded phenolic

Credit: People/Jennifer Causey

Best Aggravation: Classic Scanpan 14-Piece Cookware Set with Stratanium Nonstick

Positives: This advanced range features a premium non-stick coating called Stratanium, an easy-to-use design, and cooks consistently at the same temperature on all sides of the pan.

Negatives: Basins have shallow sides that may lead to liquid spillage.

If you’re willing to spend more, this Scanpan cookware set has proven a favorite with testers for its efficient cooking, luxurious design, ease of use and cleanliness. Our team observed consistent temperatures on all sides of the pan when heated, and detected no odor during the cooking portion of the tests. The sauce took exactly two minutes to simmer without any burning.

The highlight here was a 5-layer non-stick coating of Scanpan – called “stratanium” – which had a slightly different texture than other pans and was very effective in preventing sticking. Both eggs and rice came out of the pan easily without leaving any residue behind. This nonstick material allowed for a quick cleanup, and it felt “durable, as it would be hard to scratch,” notes the tester.

Regarding the design, our tester said, “The pans are a little more shallow than some, which may be good for flipping and frying, but can result in spatter or spillage.” With that in mind, I loved the weight and solid stability on these pans. She also noted that there were no rivets (mostly magnets for food scraps) and I like that the pot had nozzles to get rid of the sediment. While the price is higher for this cookware set, we believe its design and functionality make it a good value.

does not stick coating materials

Credit: People/Jennifer Causey

Things to consider before buying non-stick cookware sets


When buying nonstick cookware, you should consider the texture of each pan and how long it will last. Aarti Sekera, 2010 Laureate Food Network’s Next StarChef and author My Family Journal Recipe from DaySpring She tells PEOPLE that she recommends getting a frying pan with a “heavy bottom,” as this will allow it to heat evenly and prevent overheating. She also likes a frying pan with a metal handle so it can fit in the oven, “if the manufacturer deems it oven safe!” she says.


The functionality of your cookware includes elements such as heating consistency, non-stick capabilities, cleanability, effective cooking time, and overall durability. Sequeira adds that the types of dishes you cook in the nonstick pan are also basic; For example, she recommends avoiding high-heat dishes like grilled or grilled meats (“unless the manufacturer has baked them for temperatures over 600 degrees Fahrenheit”) and sticking to low to medium-heat dishes like pancakes, fish, and eggs.


This goes without saying, but safety should always be a consideration when working within a cooking space. Specifically with nonstick coatings, you should look for pans that are free of PFOAs, a potentially dangerous chemical that can be released into the air if the pan gets too hot and the coating begins to degrade, Squeira explains.

Credit: People/Jennifer Causey

How we tested our nonstick cookware sets

Two of our top recipe developers met in the Birmingham Test Kitchen to whip up some delicious dishes using 25 different non-stick cookware combinations. For each piece of cookware, consider temperature consistency during cooking, overall performance, design, and ease of cleaning once the food is prepared.

Our testers started by looking at the overall design of the set, observing materials, quantity and quality of cookware pieces, storage capabilities, shapes, and any additional features. Then they ran two tests to assess temperature consistency using medium and high heat, placing them on a stovetop and in an oven. With delicious tomato sauce as the test subject, they looked for any signs of burn. Then, to test overall performance, these home cooks prepared two dishes—a classic French omelette and rice pilaf—to check if eggs or rice got stuck in the pans. Next, they cleaned the basins to assess how easy it was to clean them.


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