3 new restaurants will open in Dubai serving Ukrainian, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisines

If you’ve already identified Belcanto, Bushra, Canary Club, Demon Duck, and MayaBay—just five of the dozens of new restaurants opening in Dubai this year alone—here are three more coming in 2022 to factor in your culinary calendar. Plus Hoe Lee Kow and Kai Enzo by celebrity chefs Reef Usman and Izu Ani of course.

fat uncle

Often called “the mastermind of Mediterranean Dubai,” Turkish chef Alper Uzundurukan has led The Maine, Dusty’s Dubai and HuQabaz in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Zuma in Istanbul.

In his latest venture into the culinary world, Uzundurukan presents Fat Uncle, which promises to serve “modest yet refined cuisine” (think fine-dining options at pocket-friendly prices).

Opening at Wasl Vita Mall on Al Wasl Road this month, the restaurant will serve dishes that Ozandurkan has mastered over the years, many cooked in a hybrid Josper oven and grill, which are known to produce smoky and moist flavours. Options include grilled lobster thermidor; Bacon tartare with bone marrow and Hokkaido Wagyu grade A5; And scallops gratin dipped in Gruyere cheese.

“The experience at Fat Uncle will be an authentic one. Each dish is designed to give diners an immersive experience that I personally overlook. Over the years working at world-acclaimed restaurants, I have been privileged enough to understand the diversity of tastes and cater to their needs,” says Uzundorukan.

The chef says the restaurant’s name represents his view of being “a member of the family” in Dubai’s multicultural food and beverage scene. Accordingly, the atmosphere will be modern and warm, filled with the latest equipment, custom-made furniture, as well as vintage design elements.

death 32

After bringing names like SushiSamba and L’Amo Bistro del Mare (both frequented by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai) to the UAE, Sunset Hospitality will then introduce popular Cantonese restaurant Mott 32 to Dubai.

Serving authentic, fine Chinese cuisine (“a standard that doesn’t exist here yet,” says Malcolm Wood, co-founder of hospitality group Maximal Concepts), Mott 32 is scheduled to open on the 73rd floor of the Address Beach Resort in the fourth quarter of this year.

Designed by award-winning in-house firm Joyce Wang Studio, the menu is expected to feature Mott’s signatures, including apple wood Peking duck, smoked black cod, crunchy prawns with egg yolk and oatmeal, and plenty of dim sum.

Mott 32, which has locations in Vancouver, Las Vegas, Seoul and Singapore, will also open branches in Bangkok and Cebu this year.

The name is an ode to 32 Mott Street in New York, the site of the city’s first Chinese store that opened in 1891.


While you may find exotic borsch in Russian-Uzbek places around Dubai, there is no Ukrainian restaurant dedicated to serving the country’s national dishes.

However, it looks like things will change with Yoy, who will open at The Pointe on Palm Jumeirah in September.

Describing itself as “the first Ukrainian restaurant in the UAE”, Yoy will specialize in dishes prepared using over-fire cooking techniques – think smoking, roasting, grilling, and flame-frying.

Executive Chef Pavlo Moroz will run an open plan kitchen centered around a steakhouse. The heart of the traditional Ukrainian home, this wood-burning oven is usually used to keep warm and cook hearty meals with a smoky flavour.

Expect dishes like baked pumpkin served with Jerusalem artichoke chips, and beetroot with pumpkin seed oil and fermented milk poured next to the table; jerfish fried on hay from celery root, served with a sauce made of tomatoes, parsley, coriander and dill; Rolled in Savoy cabbage, served with baby carrot cream, roasted porridge with celery roots and parsnips, and cooked like a buttered risotto.

The licensed venue will serve drinks using plants from the European country, which is still besieged by conflict, as well as organize pop-up cooking events hosted by Ukrainian chefs, who will introduce innovative new dishes to most tastes in the UAE.

Apart from food, Yoy will also host live entertainment by folk singers and musicians playing traditional instruments such as Pandora (cut stringed folk) and trembita (also known as Ukrainian mountain horn).

The theme will also be displayed in the minimalist interiors of the place, which consists of a mixture of wooden elements, handmade clay jugs and white stems on the Ukrainian coat of arms. Employees will also wear T-shirts embroidered with vyshyvanka inscriptions.

Yoy (which means “wow” in Ukrainian), is part of the Moderza Group from Kyiv, which also operates Argentina Grill restaurants in La Mer and on Palm Jumeirah.

Updated: July 14, 2022 at 11:05 am

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