5 Athena Food and Drink Arenas in Summer

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Proscopon Square

A visit to the bustling Proscopon Square in the Bangrati district reveals a vibrant mosaic of popular hangouts, new restaurants and bars to discover. There is something here for everyone.

For our simple beer and mezze Trigono And the aerostat -Both are a bit bohemian and with lots of regular patrons, very relaxed, unpretentious and friendly. On the other hand, if we are in the mood for lunch or cocktails, we go Frater and Surur. If we are there for cocktails, we pick a seat at the bar, to watch the skilled bartenders work their magic. Among our favorite drinks here are the unusual spicy margarita with mango, agave syrup, and sriracha.

For a bit of a fairytale vibe (and a lot of chocolate), we go to the Witch Petit FlourCocoa made with organic Valrhona chocolate. GP

Agion Theodoron Square

In Agion Theodoron Square, named after the very small Byzantine Church of Saints Theodores in its center, there are plenty of good food and drink options. Among the first establishments here to attract crowds to the plaza were Odori Vermuteria di AteneIts interior resembles a botanical garden. Using their vermouth, they make excellent negroni, and many more interesting cocktails for pizza or small bites like bruschetta with meatballs, napolitin sauce, and pesto.

Almost next door, in Madame Fu Man ChuWe stop for the vietnamese spring rolls stuffed with shrimp. Chicken with lemon. Garlic chili or a bowl of fragrant faux. When we’re in the mood for more Greek mezze, we head to Dubius, for dishes prepared by the famous Greek chef Christophoros Pescias. Crispy fries for light and airy meatballs like those popular at celebrity chef Baltazar’s; Sweet bread in hot sauce and other savory foods hardly reach the table before we clean the dishes.

When we need to indulge, we have josie grill, Outside, locals happily line up for burgers and fun appetizers, such as fried macaroni and cheese sticks. Meanwhile across the field, Nikos and Tania, who are running 2 Jules K 2 Bucks (2 sips and 2 bites), it will make you a great cup of coffee every time. GP

Frazilias Square

This strangely named plaza (Platia Vrazilias: Brazil Square) in Ilysia was unfamiliar to most Athenians until a few years ago. Now new establishments, run by creative professionals, are opening their doors all around them. batch 51 It was the all-day café-bar that started the change, giving new life to the square, which is actually a triangle, located between Michalakopoulou, Elijah and pedestrian Nimfeou streets, serving specialty coffee from Area 51 and well-crafted snacks to go with it.

within a stone’s throw, tromero baidi It has become a must for people in the neighborhood but also a destination for people from all over the city as they come here to buy some baked goods made by Stefanos Livianos and Christos Pappas. They are baked with sourdough and flour from the Pipino Pyrrontzello mill in Karditsa, (which grinds the grains using an antique roller mill). From the miraculous light brioche with French Brittano butter, to the Parisian baguette, dried fruit loaf and salted whole green barley bread – everything here is excellent.

in Cyrano en ville Run by Lebanese Fadi Haddad, we enjoy appetizers while watching the comings and goings on the plaza. GP

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Avdi Square

Bill Papagalos (The Blue Parrot), with its comfortable French-style garden furniture under the trees in the square, makes for quiet and peaceful evenings with friends. In addition to coffee and drinks, they also serve a variety of snacks.

On the adjoining plot, behind the wall of a house from the twenties, jalyantra Serves beer and prepared food. Chef Gogo Delogani parked her food truck here a year ago, and changed the space with pebbles on the floor, lots of colour, string lights and barrels for tables, all of which add to the character of this park that stays open late. Here we enjoy grilled meatballs, hot dogs, soft ice cream and frozen margaritas on tap.

Another classic option for a meal in this plaza is SeychellesIf we come to eat delicious Greek food. GP

Mercury Square

This beloved square in the Petralona neighborhood has been attracting young crowds for years. From afternoon until late, benches in the plaza fill with people, often enjoying spontaneous picnics accompanied by snacks and drinks from the great grocery store. Synoikia to Oneiro next section. On their shelves you will find all kinds of sweets, from rare Greek cheeses to a large selection of handcrafted beers, wines and aged Tsiburo.

One of the most famous meeting places in Petralona, Rantivo It serves mezze and comfort foods such as squid with orzo, baked potato with yogurt, eggs with stak (filtered butter produced from sheep’s milk, popular in Crete), as well as many dishes with Middle Eastern influences, such as falafel, hummus, Lebanese labneh and spiced chicken biryani and grilled sausage. . If the roads bring you here, get a table and enjoy the food with tsipouro, ouzo or beer. deputy

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