5 easy Indo-Chinese recipes to satiate your cravings for Chinese food

If there is one thing that Indians are known for, it has to be their keen sense of inventing different things. We can try anything from the minimum resources given to us. While exploring the streets of India, you will come across a wide variety of unique combinations. One such combination is Indo-Chinese or as we affectionately call it “Desi-Chinese”. From chili potatoes to Manchurian, chowder, spicy chicken and more, this cuisine is loved by everyone and we can’t complain. All credit goes to the aroma, flavors and very indulgent taste of this experimental kitchen.

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If you are also a big fan of this cuisine, we have shortlisted some easy Indo-Chinese recipes to try at home. These recipes require only a few ingredients and are ready in just 20-25 minutes. So what are you waiting for? take a look.

Here are 5 easy Indo-Chinese recipes that you must try

Vegetable salt and pepper: our recommendation

Let’s start with our favorite and easiest style too. This crunchy and crunchy dish is a mixture of various stir-fried vegetables with light Chinese flavours. Besides, you can prepare this recipe for any occasion. Click here for the full recipe for vegetable salt and pepper.

Egg fried rice

Quick, easy, and fun to the core, this fried rice recipe is sure to satisfy your hunger pangs. Made with fried and mashed eggs with garlic, onions, rice and various other spicy sauces, it is finally served with scrambled eggs. Trust us, once you try this recipe, you make this recipe again and again. Click here for the full recipe for egg fried rice.

vegetable frying

Vegetables can be very versatile. You can literally experiment with vegetables in countless ways. One such method is this recipe called stir-fry vegetables. All you need to prepare this recipe are vegetables, oil, your favorite sauces, and some spices. That’s it. French fries are perfect to pair with fried rice. Find the recipe for Vegetable Stir Fry here.



How could we miss chowmein while listing desi-Chinese recipes?! Being a popular dish across the country, Chowmein is prepared in different ways with many different variations in different places, and this is the quickest and easiest version of the chowmein recipe. click here.

Dry Chili Paneer

Next is a vegan delight! If there is one food that vegetarians order with a plate of fried rice, it has to be paneer with chili. It is a popular Indo-Chinese starter recipe and is great for a dinner party with friends and family. Click here for the full recipe from Chili Paneer.


The weekend is approaching, try these recipes and tell us how you liked them in the comments section below.

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