5 Fourth of July recipes that aren’t sausages and hamburgers

This story was originally published in 2019.

The Fourth of July is approaching, and we’re excited about all the fireworks, outdoor fun, and time with friends. But most importantly we look forward to the food. We’ve all made (or had a professional baker) the perfect Fourth of July cake with white frosting, strawberry stripes, and raspberry stars. Sure, sausages and hamburgers on the grill are fun, but sometimes you just want something with more pizza. Here are five recipes that will take your Fourth of July parties to whole new heights. Whether you’re a host or a guest, you’ll definitely want to incorporate some of these dishes into your party spread.

attributed to him: Sarah Walker Caron

Banana cake covered with chocolate

This is a step up from the traditional packaged yellow cake and chocolate frosting. Your guests will never know you’re using bananas that have been on your counter for too long. The simple round surface is the perfect canvas for all patriotic cake decorations. Involve the kids and go wild with sprinkles, colorful decorations, chocolate chips, nuts and whatever else you have at hand. Get the recipe here.

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