5 Places to Get a Trash Bowl Near Bells Camp in Rochester

Bills fans across western New York will flock to Buffalo Bills training camp when it kicks off July 24 in St. John Fisher. University (Not College Anymore) near Rochester, New York. Catching your favorite team in action before the season begins is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with the most delicious New York Western food you might not get often – the legendary “garbage platter”.

Anatomy of a “trash tray” in Rochester, New York:

Being a real ‘trash pan’ in Rochester Should It is made up of these four basic components.

#1 Protein

A typical base dish consists of a burger or hot dog with or without cheese. If you are going to a restaurant in Rochester, they will ask you if you want a “hot white” dish (Pork, beef, smoked and non-smoked veal) or “red hot” (beef and pork with a red tint). There is no wrong answer. Both are delicious, and it all depends on your preference.

Yes, you can find places that replace standards with things like grilled chicken or tofu, but burgers and a dog are the OGs in the “garbage platter.”

#2 Potatoes

French fries are the standard starch in the dish. French fries are also a popular request, but I personally consider this a kind of “boji”.

#3 sides

Honestly, the “side” of the dish is never a side. The goal is to be able to mix everything together for a delicious combination of deliciousness – but the typical “side” order is a traditional pasta salad based on mayonnaise and/or baked beans. Having both is never resentful, it is often encouraged.

#4 Toppings

Spicy steak sauce, chopped onions, ketchup, and mustard are all acceptable toppings—again, they’re all amazing, and no one will judge you if you choose to dip your plate with every dish. You can also have a slice of Italian bread to round out all the rest of the goodness.

original trash dish

As a disclaimer, a “trash board” is technically not an actual “trash board” unless you take a trip to Nick Tahou Hots in downtown Rochester. They are not only the inventors and brands of the famous dish, but the undisputed best.

However, some great places close to Buffalo Bills Training Camp come very close.

If you’re making a trip to Rochester to clear your boot camp bills, here are five close-up places for a litter box that work well.

Five places to get a plate near Rochester

Pittsford Hots

Peter J via yelp

Peter J via yelp

5 S Main St Pittsford, NY

ER . heaters

Tori C via Yelp

Tori C via Yelp

115 W Commercial St East Rochester

Hungry Grill

Giorgio N. via Yelp

Giorgio N. via Yelp

10 St. Pittsford, New York

Fairport Hots

Monica T. through scream

Monica T. through scream

1226 Fairport Rd Fairport, NY

JT Pizza & Dishes

JT Pizza & Dishes via Yelp

JT Pizza & Dishes via Yelp

108 Main St East Rochester, NY

Honorable mention: Nick Tahoe Hots

Clark S. via Yelp

Clark S. via Yelp

320 W Main St. Rochester, New York

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