5 temples in India offer DVDs of chocolate drinks and other unusual offerings to the gods

Anomaly temples in India: The land of temples in India. Each temple of a unique deity has a strong history and back story. The sacred offering to God A . is called Prasad. The majority of temples are unique Prasad, meaning that each deity who receives a particular type of offering is recognized. Some temples go to great lengths to ensure that their offerings are the most memorable. In most Indian temples, flowers, ladoos, and coconuts are among the most popular offerings made to the deities. But did you know that some temples in India provide their gods with watches, liquor, and even chocolate?Also Read – 2 Arrested For Reciting Hanuman Chalisa, 15 Arrested For Setting Up Ruckus At Lulu Mall In Lucknow

Check out these five temples in India that make unusual offerings to deities:

1. Liquor at Kal Bharav Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Wines at the Kal Bhairav ​​temple in Madhya Pradesh (Image source: Atlas Obscura)

In addition to being the only prasad served at the Kaal Bhairav ​​temple, devotees also offer alcohol to the deity. A small amount of alcohol is placed on a plate by the priest, who prays before the alcohol is poured through an opening in the idol’s mouth. The remaining alcohol is given to prasad devotees. One of the five tantric rituals involves offering alcohol to God. Kaal Bhairav ​​possesses mysterious drinking abilities. Also Read – Longing for a day at the beach? Here are the 5 cleanest beaches in India that no one can resist | look at the pictures

2. Munch Chocolates at Munch Murugan Temple, Kerala

Munch Chocolates at Munch Murugan Temple in Kerala

Munch Chocolates at Munch Murugan Temple in Kerala (Image Source: News Minute)

The Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami temple in Kerala sells Chocolate Munch in honor of its deity. It is alleged that the little boy who fell seriously ill continued to chant Lord Murugan’s name. His parents took him to the temple the next morning. The priest ordered him to present flowers or fruit to the Lord. Instead of accepting, the young boy offered the god Munch chocolate. The boy’s illness was magically cured, and Lord Murugan’s heart melted. Since then, followers of the deity have presented boxes of Munch chocolate and decorated him with chocolate garlands. Also Read – Madhya Pradesh man kills young men as human sacrifice after his wife gave birth to a boy in Rewa district

3. Chinese food at Kali Temple, Kolkata

Chinese food at Kali temple in Kolkata

Chinese food at Kali Temple in Kolkata (Image Source: Explore.with.anirban/Instagram)

This Chinese temple of Kali is undoubtedly special among the many beloved attractions of Kolkata. The people of Chinatown in Kolkata are Chinese who worship the goddess. Instead of traditional Indian sweets, they serve the deity with a variety of Chinese food, including noodles, dim sum, and chopsi. More Chinese traditions and practices are observed in the temple in addition to those mentioned above.

4. DVDs and textbooks at Mahadeva Temple, Kerala

DVDs and textbooks at Mahadeva Temple in Kerala

DVDs and textbooks at Mahadeva Temple in Kerala (Image Source: Trip Advisor)

Devotees donate and receive CDs, DVDs and textbooks as prasad at the Mahadeva Temple in Kerala, which is located on the campus of the National Heritage Center (NHC). The temple authorities consider knowledge to be the greatest gift from God. Additional wisdom must be given to followers. Thus, in this place, information is disseminated through written materials and textbooks. Visitors to this temple who come to worship Lord Mahadeva also claim that by making the exotic offerings accepted here, they can achieve calmness and understanding of many issues.

5. Hours at Brahma Baba Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Hours at Brahma Baba Temple in Uttar Pradesh

The clocks at the Brahma Baba temple in Uttar Pradesh (Image Source: Uttar Pradesh.org)

Brahma Baba Temple in Uttar Pradesh offers watches and has a history of 30 years. All believers come to the temple to ask for wishes, and claim that they have never been let down. They give hours and hours as a token of their gratitude. It is interesting that there is neither a priest nor a security guard to take care of this temple.

Go ahead and offer your prayers to these temples with extraordinary offerings in India!

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