5 Things to Know About Austin Food: A Night at the Ice Cream Museum

Editor’s note: We’ve got it. It can be hard to keep up with the fast pace of the Austin restaurant and bar scene. We’ve got you covered with our regular roundup of essential food news.


The Ice Cream Museum Not the place to look for a traditional museum experience, so it follows that it will have Adults Only Ice Cream Party on Weekend NightsLed by an influential local chef. Starting July 8 through July 30, this chef is Comedor’s Philip Speer, serving a sundae inspired by another classic summer dessert: s’mores. A base of dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream prepares the camp site for toasted marshmallow meringue, hot fudge, graham crackers, and smoked cherries. Event tickets (ages 21 and up, $35) are available at Museumoficecream.com.

The restaurant with merchandise depicting a cowgirl riding a lobster lives up to that energy and hosts a restaurant Fundraising event for Planned Parenthooda press release announces. Garbo Fresh Men Lobster The North Mopac is open on Monday, July 11 (usually its day off), and donate all proceeds from the brick-and-mortar site that day. The restaurant will serve fish and chips from 11am until stocks last. To further reduce operating costs, the special service will be provided by the owner and volunteers.

For one weekend only, from 14 to 17 July, Trollock Rotten Yucatan progress soft shell crab A plate stacked with spinach, grilled asparagus, onion, and pepper aioli ($44 for two crabs, $22) for one. Soft-shelled crabs are only in season for a limited time as the crustaceans molt, making it possible to eat them and their shells whole. This means less effort to get to the meat, and a unique texture that can only be experienced for part of the year.

Other news and notes

Lone Star State sparkling water, rambleris expanding its growing presence in Austin with a New energy drink, with the goal of “sustainable energy without disruption.” The star ingredient is Yaupon, a caffeinated holly native to Texas and often compared to yerba mate in taste and effect. In four flavors (peach, pomegranate, black mint, and coconut-lime), Yaupon Energy is available in Texas and hopes to branch out from there. Find stock at ramblersparklingwater.com.

a trip to farThe downtown food court near the Congress Street Bridge is always like a festival, with plenty to mix and match. In August, this festival becomes official as The Fareground Food and Wine Festival kicks off. Every second Saturday from 4 to 8 pm, from August to October, the hall hands out “passports” to be stamped in each restaurant – 10 in total. Drinks and Ellis (on the corner of Congress Avenue and East Second Street) serve drinks. Tickets ($45) are available on Eventbrite.

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