6 must-try items from the new Burp Kitchen & Bar outlet

The new outlet in Bishan Park serves a mix of Western Asian food.

Burp Kitchen & Bar has opened its restaurant second port In late June 2022.

Fusion Food’s first outlet is a corner bistro next to Bedok Reservoir Park. The new outlet in Bishan Park has more space, A full-fledged casual restaurant with a similar menu serving delicious modern cuisine.

Burp’s Bishan’s menu consists of several salads, bar fry, quesadillas, burgers, tacos, pastas, and a lunch menu available daily until 4pm. There are also alcoholic drinks such as beer, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks including mocktails, soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea.

Just a four-minute walk from Bright Hill tube station, the restaurant is nestled among lush grass and trees, overlooking a vast pond. Image source: YOUTHOPIA / DENISE OH

We visited the new outlet to try the dishes on its menu. From snacks and brunch items to pasta mix and tacos, here are six of our favorite dishes.

1. Duck Cups and Unagi

Among the assortment of Burp’s Bar Grubs, the Cheesy Smoked Duck and Grilled Unagi Cups ($12 for an eight-cup plate) ended up becoming my mates and personal favorites.

Duck-unagi-koh-pie-ty-tee cups
Both are served in kueh pie tee shells, each cup is recommended in one bite to get all the flavors together. Image source: YOUTHOPIA / DENISE OH

The smoked duck was fragrant and sweet, far from rubber or playful. It pairs well with the warm cheese sauce in the base kueh pancake t. The fresca sauce inside also added an extra tangy touch to the cheese and duck fish.

Unagi’s grilled cups were also a game-changer. Served with bonito chips on top, the boneless unagi was very mushy and practically melted in my mouth. The eel wasn’t too fishy, ​​the sauce was sweet but not overbearing.

I loved the unique construction of this meal along with how the flavors of these dishes generally came together.

2. Korean Beef Taco

Of the six Taco Burp offerings on the menu, we tried two of them – Baja Fish Tacos and Korean Beef Tacos ($16 per serving).

All tacos are wrapped in soft tortillas, making it easy to eat and slice if needed. Image source: YOUTHOPIA / DENISE OH

You might not miss out on much by skipping the Baja Fish Tacos because they taste a little dry. But on the other hand, the Korean beef taco is a must.

The beef was very juicy, and the fresh kimchi and lettuce added an extra crunch. The gochujang aioli drizzled over the tacos added a bold, sweet and slightly spicy flavor to the dish.

Wrapping meat in tortillas and eating it taco-style has provided a fun new way to consume Korean beef.

3. Creamy Chicken Mushroom Tom Yam

Said to be the personal favorite dish of Burp founder, Sarah Lim, it immediately held us higher expectations for Creamy Chicken Mushroom Tom Yum ($15). which did not disappoint.

While most people associate tom yum as a soup base, Creamy Chicken Mushroom Tom Yam is exactly what the name suggests—very creamy. Image source: YOUTHOPIA / DENISE OH

The dish looked just like carbonara from afar, the dish confused the taste buds a bit at first. I thought it would taste creamy, but instead I got the strong taste and aroma of Tom Yum.

The dish leaned more on the sour image than on the hot. The chicken pieces were also tender and drenched in a thick tom yum sauce.

Fortunately, Tom Yum’s taste wasn’t too overwhelming and surprisingly worked well as a cream-based pasta.

4. Grilled Unagi Aglio Olio

Served with bonito chips, mushrooms, and a thick slab of unagi over linguine pasta; Aglio Olio was tasty and oily.

Grilled noodles unagi oleo oleo
Grilled Unagi Aglio Olio was far from nice as the sauce complements the ingredients and the pasta so well. Image source: YOUTHOPIA / DENISE OH

The main star of the dish – the unagi – was greasy, juicy, soft, and had no bones. The sauce also added a touch of sweetness to the savory pasta, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Unagi Aglio Olio Grilled Restaurant costs $18.

5. Chicken and waffles

If you’re looking for a good and filling brunch, Burp’s Chicken & Waffles might be the dish for you.

Both the Belgian waffles and the fried chicken were so crunchy, which I originally feared would be hard to eat. But soaking the waffle in maple syrup helped soften it.

Chicken-and-waffle-salad drink
The sweetness of the waffle and syrup also blends well with the saltiness of the chicken. Image source: YOUTHOPIA / DENISE OH

Each food item has worked coherently to provide an elevated flavor and texture, but also still tastes good when eaten on its own.

Burp’s Chicken & Waffles costs $14 for a half cake and $18 for a whole cake.

6. Lychee Madness Mocktail

We also tried a few of the mocktails that Burp has to offer. Of the different drinks we tasted, Lychee Madness was the most outstanding.

Next to Lychee Madness (left) is the Virgin Mojito (right), which tastes similar to its original alcoholic counterpart but without the liquor. Image source: YOUTHOPIA / DENISE OH

The mocktail was sweet and refreshing, and on top were two pieces of lychee. The drink tasted just like a Sprite at first, with a lychee after a second.

All mocktails are priced at $6.50 each.

Looking at the unique fusion dishes offered and portion sizes, I personally found the food prices at Burp Gallery. List prices also include GST.

The general atmosphere of the place is also relaxed and pleasant. Those interested may consider going to grab some bars or a drink after a walk or jog around the park.

Located at 510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Burp Kitchen & Bar is open from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. on weekdays, and 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. on weekends and holidays.

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