60-Year-Old Valley Staple Henry’s Tacos Closed Out of Nowhere

Henry Valley taco staples seem to have disappeared almost overnight, leaving many questions in Studio City. The decades-old destination for hard-crust tacos — often considered a friendly contender to Westside Tito’s Tacos option — has closed its service window in the past few days with little notice for old customers and fans of the old destination.

Over the weekend, diners hoping to stop by for a taco instead were greeted with a one-page notice taped to the window, allegedly from owner Betty Joseph-Derth and dated March 28, which read:

Gilberto Vega,

This is your five (5) day notice that the month-to-month lease has been terminated at 4389 Tujunga Ave., Studio City, CA 91604.

Your 3-year option expired for renewal on February 28, 2021 and became a month-to-month lease. You have not given me any written notice 90 days prior to the expiration of the initial term of your option for a new lease.

The COVID-19 moratorium has ended in Los Angeles.

You have until April 3, 2022 to remove your personal items and vacate the building.

Those papers have since been removed. The window now contains a single handwritten note that reads simply rented. The signs and the restaurant’s menu board have also been removed. Ackle called a phone number listed on Betty Joseph-Dearth in Studio City but received no response.

As it stands today, the Henry Taco has completely disappeared from the corner of Old Tujunga Street, leaving a huge gaping hole in the larger historic taco scene in the San Fernando Valley. There is no word on where or when, if ever, the 60-year-old restaurant will return. The property posted an update on social media after posting today’s story.

However, this isn’t the first time Henry has suddenly encountered a chance to view the landscape. In 2013, the restaurant was removed from its original corner location, pushing the building after the owner decided to lease the space in place of Cactus Taqueria. Henry’s was able to reopen relatively soon thereafter, albeit from an take-out only site about 200 feet away.

The COVID-19-related eviction moratorium for commercial tenants has already expired on February 1, 2022, leaving many businesses to pay rent and unpaid loans (federal or otherwise) while continuing to face rising overhead costs, food costs, labor shortages and other business in progress. Issues. It is not clear who may have taken the Tujunga Street space from Henry’s Tacos.

Did you get more info about the situation with Henry’s Tacos in Studio City? Feel free to reach out to the eating advice line.

4389 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 769-0343

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