8 Best Things To Do In Branson With Teen Grandchildren

For several years, and for good reason, Branson, Missouri, has been at the top of every bus tour company that caters to seniors. Branson offered a beautiful geographic environment, plenty of comedy and music shows, affordable accommodation, and plentiful buffets. Along the way, Branson began expanding his appeal to families with attractions like Fritz’s Adventure, Butterfly Palace, Dinosaur Museum, and Promised Land Zoo – and he succeeded. Families have discovered that this city, located somewhat off the convenient interstate highways, is really worth looking into.

My husband and I wanted to take two of our older grandchildren on a trip (a skip-type vacation, as it’s called). These two people, who are cousins ​​rather than brothers, are 17 and 15 years old, and absolutely love watching live shows and performing on stage themselves. From everything we know about Branson, we had a hunch they’d enjoy it but we kept our fingers crossed knowing that teens can be somewhat fickle. We didn’t want to deal with fearful “I’m bored” or “that’s too weak” situations. I’m not sure about their preconceptions about going to Branson with their grandparents, but the town provided an experience they thoroughly enjoyed and will undoubtedly talk about for years to come. Here are the activities and suggestions that worked best in the time we spent with our teens.

Note: This trip is hosted, but all opinions are mine, and I’ve not once heard the phrase “I’m bored” from teens.

Pointe Royale Resort is located near Table Rock . Lake

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1. Rent an apartment in Point Royal Resort

Teenage cousins, male and female, love each other but are not used to spending much time together. We knew they wanted a little peace, quiet and space at some point each day, and by giving them their own rooms, we were guaranteed some time for them to “relax”.

Pointe Royale Resort offers a variety of accommodations and is centrally located to all of Branson’s major attractions. It features an indoor and outdoor pool, pickle ball courts and a security guard at the entrance. We had a very good experience at this property. You can book directly through the website or by going to Airbnb or Vrbo.

Full Creek Steak and Slur House

The author’s descendants at Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House

Image credit: Connie Pearson

2. Choose non-chain restaurants

For teens, generous portions can be very important. Also, at this age, they know what they like and what they don’t like. The two restaurants with their hearty approval are Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House for dinner and Grandma’s Café for breakfast. Fall Creek Steak & Catfish House is also known as “Home of the Tossed Rolls,” and our grandchildren had a great time catching (and eating) those big, fluffy, fermented treats. Grandma’s Café made giant cinnamon rolls and muffins. Bring carbs!

Time Traveler in Silver Dollar City

Time Traveler in Silver Dollar City

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3. Explore Silver Dollar City

Hit riding

Silver Dollar City is an 1880s themed theme park famous for its rollercoasters, and my husband bravely joined the teens on one of the most ambitious of them, the Time Traveler. I held out for a water ride in Mystic River Falls, naively believing I wouldn’t get much wet. I have luck. I was in the seat which ended up being completely waterlogged. Thank goodness for the lockers we used before the ride to protect our phones, wallets, and purses, and for the huge human dryers available afterward to start the process of squeezing my clothes. Five bucks provides blowers in all directions while you’re standing and soaking up the warmth.

Other roller coasters that got teen approval were Thunderation, Wildfire, Outlaw Run, and PowerKeg.

Dine, watch shows, watch artisans, and shop

Silver Dollar City is designed to entertain and cater to visitors of all ages. Scattered throughout the park’s nine main sections are rides, restaurants, artisans displaying their skills, shops, theaters, and event venues. We enjoyed our lunch at Rivertown Smokehouse (a huge shout out for mac and cheese) and our treatments at Hannah’s Ice Cream Parlor and Clara Belle’s Cinnamon Bread. At Hana’s, you’ll find two distinct flavors named after a pair of roller coasters, and at Clara Belle’s, you’ll likely consume an entire loaf on the spot. Smells incredible!

Pro tip: Clara Belle Cinnamon Bread makes the caramelized apple variety out of this world. Take a loaf or two to your apartment to enjoy breakfast the next day.

Twenty-six different shows are scheduled throughout the week but not all on the same day. Confrontation in the silver dollar been running longer. They last about 30 minutes and are colourful, creative and fun.

Take some time to see blacksmiths, candle makers, bread bakers, leather makers, potters, candy makers, glassblowers, and more. Park staff wear period costumes, which adds to the atmosphere.

Branson Bell Show Pot

Waiting for dinner to be served on board the Branson Belle Showboat

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4. Treat yourself to a dinner cruise on the Branson Bell Shop Boat

Our teenage grandchildren absolutely loved our evening aboard the Branson Belle Showboat. For the price of one, you get a three-course meal, time to walk the floors for sightseeing along Table Rock Lake, and 2.5 hours of first-class entertainment by singers, dancers, and magician. If you choose to upgrade to Captain’s Club tickets, you’re allowed to board early, have ample balcony seating, and get a menu from which you can choose your three-course meal.

Cruises are scheduled from mid-March to the end of December. In November and December, the theme is Christmas.

Pro tip: Cruises depart from the pier promptly at the appointed times. I suggest arriving early and spending a few minutes browsing the shops on the dock.

The attraction of the Titanic Museum in Missouri

Test the coldness of the water at the Titanic Museum

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5. Dive into the tragic history at the attraction of the TITANIC Museum

Visitors of all ages will make their way through the exhibits of the TITANIC Museum Attraction, relive events from the time of the RMS Titanic It hit an iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14, 1912 to 2:20 a.m. on April 15 when it sank into the icy Atlantic. Your entry ticket describes a real passenger, and by the end of the tour, you will know the fate of that passenger. Many of the items on display were recovered from the sunken ship many years after its fall.

Tours are self-guided with headphones, so you can get around at your own pace. Our sons were especially shocked by the cold temperatures of the waters that appeared in one area.

College of the Ozarks Campus

College of the Ozarks Campus

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6. Have Lunch and Take a Campus Tour of the College of the Ozarks

The dining room at the Keeter Center on the College of the Ozarks campus, a short drive from Branson, serves a meal prepared by students under the supervision of a culinary expert and using the many products grown on campus, such as beef, pork, chicken, eggs, milk, cheese and vegetables. There is also ice cream and other delicious desserts. The college nickname for Hard Work U appears when you walk around and observe students involved in keeping the grounds clean and producing attractive items for sale, such as candles, stained-glass creations, baskets, and more. Greenhouses produce plants that residents of the area eagerly purchase.

This kind of entertainment may serve the dual purpose of sparking interest in the grandson of a teen who might eventually progress to become a student here.

Pro tip: Order the Charcuterie plate as an appetizer at Keeter Center, and be sure to make room for some of the creamiest ice cream you’ll ever taste.

Sight and sound theater

After the show in the theater of sight and sound

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7. Marvel’s Productions In Sight & Sound Theatre

The theater itself is great, but the performances on stage will amaze you. The productions are more elaborate than any you’ll find on Broadway in New York City. The sets and costumes are amazing, and well-trained live animals are part of the show. Sight & Sound Theater focuses on bringing Bible stories to life. Jesus It is the big production of 2022 until the Christmas parade begins. Then in 2023, the story of Queen Esther will be executed. Our teenage grandchildren were amazed, and so were we.

Pro tip: There probably aren’t bad seats inside the Sight & Sound Theatre, but I found near the back of Section 102 to be perfect.

Follow Family Fun Parks in Branson, Missouri

Family Fun Gardens Tracking

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8. Turn off some energy at Track’s family amusement parks

Ride on the Branson Ferris wheel, do some laps around the track in a pram, or try your luck at one of the dozens or more arcade games in Track 4 from The Track Family Fun Parks. There are many different trails scattered throughout Branson, but my teenage grandchildren and I spent some time on the fourth track. The Ferris wheel is long but moves slowly enough to get in and out without stopping. Arcade games for all skill levels are ready to award prizes to the winners.

If you get hungry while playing, Fuel Fresh American Grill serves burgers, BBQ, salads, wings and more. This place was a big hit.

Next time activities

If we had had more days in Branson, we would definitely have checked out the Branson Scenic Railroad, Hollywood Wax Museum, Branson Coaster, and many more great restaurants. Maybe next time.

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