8 High-Protein Taco Recipes You Should Make for Weight Loss

Eating healthy food to lose weight doesn’t have to be boring! Since we love tacos, we’ve rounded up all kinds of healthy recipes that will help you fill your cravings without worrying about gaining weight. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegan, or vegan, read on for 8 different taco recipes that will inspire you to whip up a delicious and quick meal this week. Oh, and it’s fun to make, too!

To eat meat:

#1. Spicy Chorizo ​​Taco

Chorizo ​​sausage is a great way to get protein, which is what your body needs when trying to lose weight. This fun recipe also contains other healthy ingredients that will keep you satiated for longer and less likely to snack later (effectively preventing weight gain).

Ingredients: Vegetable oil, onions, serrano peppers, mexican chorizo, corn tortillas, sliced ​​jalapenos, chopped onions, cilantro, hot sauce, chipotle sauce or chipotle aioli

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# 2. Shrimp sandwiches

If you love meat tacos but want to swap out beef, sausage, pork, or chicken for fish, this recipe is for you! These tacos also contain other high-fiber ingredients, like Greek yogurt in the sauce, and fiber-packed avocado, both of which will aid healthy digestion.

Ingredients: Peeled and deveined large shrimp, taco seasoning, olive oil spray, tortilla (flour or corn), shredded cabbage, cilantro, avocado, red onion, lemon, shrimp taco sauce (instructions below)

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For vegetarians:

#3. Thai Crispy Tofu

While this recipe can be made for either vegetarians or vegans (just add cheese!), its healthy ingredients benefit almost any diet. Foods that have a lot of fiber include peanut butter and chickpea flour. Too good to miss!

Ingredients: Tofu, almond flour, coconut aminos, shredded coconut/coconut flour, violet cabbage, carrots, daikon radish, gluten-free tortilla, cilantro, peanut butter, date syrup, chickpea flour, miso paste, chopped peanuts

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#4. Avocado Sweet Potato Taco

Bring the protein! These tacos are high in fiber and antioxidants thanks to their healthy, signature pairing—avocado and sweet potato. There is also no meat here, but this option is still filling and possible for a lifestyle with weight loss as a goal.

Ingredients: medium sweet potatoAnd the cube, eExtra virgin olive oilAnd the to spray, chili powder, tortilla, black beansAnd the Cooked, drained and rinsed, forIME chipsetAnd the for service, sSalt, freshly ground black pepper, and avocado yogurt dressing (instructions below)

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For vegetarians:

#5. Spicy Nashville Chicken

Don’t worry, there’s no real chicken here. These tacos are made without any animal by-products and provide ample protein from vegetables like mushrooms, cabbage, onions, and more. This is a fun take on the classic spicy chicken tacos, but without any guilt at all!

Ingredients: vegetable oil for frying oyster mushrooms, separated, soft tortilla bread, grated napa cabbage, thin slices of red onion, pickled dill garlic, thinly sliced ​​into circles, Avocado Ranch Dressing (recipe below)

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# 6. Vegan Tofu Taco

No beef required! These tacos benefit from tofu, which is low in calories, helps boost energy (which you’ll need a lot of when working out to lose weight), and is high in protein. These delicious tacos also feature traditional favorites like high-fiber avocado and pico de gallo. Check them out below!

Ingredients: Extra firm tofu, low-sodium tamari or soy sauce, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, extra-virgin olive oil, avocado, vegan mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, pico de gallo, iceberg lettuce, corn/tortilla flour, pickled radish

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For gluten-free eating:

#7. Beef Taco with Cilantro Slaw and Avocado Cream

This gluten-free recipe has plenty of fiber to keep you full for longer, thanks to its avocado content. With corn tortillas, it suits anyone who needs or prefers a gluten-free crust, and is ideal for weight loss and your overall health with its antioxidant-rich seasoning.

Ingredients: cabbage thin slices, an onion thin slices, jalapeno seeds and cubes, coriander , Lemonade, Extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil, Maple syrup, cayenne pepper, minced beef, apple cider vinegar, minced garlic, smoked red pepper, ground cumin, corn chips organic, Queso Frisco (my choice), avocado cream

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#8. Crispy GF Chicken Taco

According to its description, this latest delicious recipe offers “a deep-fried taste without the fat,” and delivers plenty of vital nutrients thanks to its chicken, egg, and avocado contents! From the almond flour to the spice combo, this recipe is addictive, delicious and the best of all – and not as high in calories as the other options out there.

IngredientsAlmond flour tortilla, almond flour, unsweetened coconut, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, eggs, chicken pieces, sour cream, coriander, lemon juice, lemon zest, shredded lettuce, avocado.

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