8 ‘Summer I Turned Pretty’ recipes from TikTok like the Pomegranate Margarita

While most people talk about the love triangle, Cape Cod beach house, and Taylor Swift’s slick soundtrack The summer you turned beautifulFoodies wonder how they can make the Pomegranate Margarita Belle for the Fourth of July at home. Until the moment Conrad brought home Bly’s “Good Donuts” on the morning of the starter ball, she had you searching for muffin recipes online. Fortunately, TikTok is here to save the day and is filled with a lot of The summer you turned beautiful Recipes you can try all summer long.

These may not be the same recipes followed by the characters in the Prime Video series, but these Summer turned beautiful The recipes from TikTok are great copies. In fact, a few brie, fig, and prosciutto sandwiches can be the perfect foods to serve while you and your loved ones sit down for another meal or afternoon tea to pour in whether you’re a #TeamBonrad or a #TeamJelly.

You can even plan an epic 4th of July party and serve up a red, white, and blue cake that we hope makes it to the table—unlike Susanna. Just don’t enjoy too much margarita and you should be good. To give you a glimpse of what to see on the show, here are eight The summer you turned beautiful recipes to try.


Frozen Pomegranate Margherita

This pomegranate margarita recipe is so good that you’ll want to eat six or seven cups like Belly. Fortunately, this particular recipe from TikTokerthefitpeach is non-alcoholic, so you can safely enjoy as many as you want without inadvertently telling your crush that you find his wet hair “romantic.” If you want to serve up an alcoholic version for your backyard party, all you have to do is add tequila.

Susanna made a delicious, Instagram-worthy flag cake for the Fourth of July. However, he ended up on the pool deck after Billy tripped and pushed her down the stairs. If you’re also sad to see a good cake go to waste, here’s everything you need to make a 4th of July cake at home.

This recipe from TikTokerathomewithshannon is just a basic vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, but the berries and strawberries on top make it look like an American flag. Also according to athomewithshannon, this is the same cake that Taylor Swift makes every year for her 4th of July party. If it’s good enough for Taylor, it’s good enough for me!

The first thing Taylor wants to do when she hits Cousins ​​Beach is have a separate banana with Belly and Jeremiah, and who can blame her? To slice your own bananas at home, follow the TikToker tutorial @heladossolofrut. It looks like Taylor’s Scoops sundae orders, just with vanilla ice cream on top, so feel free to make it with just vanilla.

Belly’s birthday tradition is to enjoy some Mickey Mouse muffins first thing in the morning. While you can use any pancake mix or recipe you like, TikTokercookingwithchanel_sa shares how to create the perfect Mickey Mouse look with your own batter. Before enjoying, do not forget about the infinity drink.

At Billy’s birthday dinner, Susanna makes lobsters. If you’re new to cooking and don’t feel comfortable simmering an entire serving of lobster, this lobster tail recipe from TikTokermichaeljoneal is a great start. It’s best served with some corn, too, like the kind that Conrad hops outside by the pool. With this recipe, you can even host midsmar-Under the title Dinner party with your friends – flower crowns and everything.

Also at Belly’s birthday dinner, Laurel serves some miyeok-guk – also known as seaweed soup. This soup is a traditional Korean dish served at Christmas, and TikTokerchefchrischo shares a recipe that’s super easy to follow. Of course, you can also make your own miyeok-guk without beef if you’re a vegetarian like Cam.


Brie, fig and prosciutto sandwiches

When Jeremiah walks to Belly for her first tea for the first time, he raves about the wild cheese, fig, and prosciutto sandwiches being served. Jere needs his own culinary show, because he made those sandwiches look so delicious. Fortunately, TikToker @charcuterie.chick has this grilled wild cheese sandwich recipe for you to make yourself.

While they are only referred to as “good muffins,” the muffins that Konrad gets for the belly appear to have cinnamon sugar on top. This makes these cinnamon pancakes from TikTokerthepalatablelife nearly identical. These are not only vegan, but contain some protein powder as well. There is no better way to start your day with some delicious, protein-packed pancakes.

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