9 Best Places to Wear a Beret and Celebrate Bastille Day in Cincinnati

Cincinnati – July 14th marks Bastille Day. The French holiday considers the country’s independence day and acknowledges the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution.

Even though we’re not in France at the moment, there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate the freedom of the country and all that is French in Cincinnati. Here are the top 9 places to celebrate Bastille Day and French culture in Cincinnati:

Eat at Le bar a Boeuf

One of two restaurants under the direction of celebrity chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, Le Bar a Boeuf is a new French bistro that complements traditional French cuisine with a modern twist. Visitors can expect escargot, duck leg confit and many more French staples that are the perfect ode to Bastille Day celebration.

Bastille Day hosted by the Francis de Cincinnati Alliance

The Alliance Francaise de Cincinnati hosts a Bastille Day celebration for members and non-members alike. The French cultural establishment celebrates the holiday with music, games for children, and more while attendees gather in Weller Park. The event is free for members, $5 for individual guests and $10 for non-member families. Guests are requested to bring their own food and drinks. Those interested can reply here.

Get some macarons at the Macaron Bar

Not to be confused with the subject matter of coconut-flavored macaroons, French macaroons are a sweet treat that comes in an abundance of flavors. With a light texture and crunchy on the outside then a creamy inside made with buttercream, ganache or fruit filling, the macaroons are sure to make your mouth water. With locations in Over-the-Rhine and Hyde Park, Macaron Bar is sure to be able to satisfy your Bastille Day cravings.

Bastille Day in Montgomery

Although it doesn’t actually happen on Bastille Day either, Montgomery devotes every Saturday evening to the holiday. With two stages of live music, food vendors, and more, the night is sure to be a blast. For more information about the bands playing or the food that will be served, click here.

Have a meal at French Crest Bistro & Café

Known as “a little bit of Paris in the heart of the Auver Rhine,” French Crust Bistro & Cafe – another Cincinnati restaurant owned by Jean-Robert de Cavel group of restaurants – is sure to transport you abroad. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options, the ever-changing menu is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of people. Enjoy some espresso, a nice meal and top it all with an eclair or creme brulee.

Pick up some sweets from Sweet Hunter

Another place to satisfy your sweet cravings, Sweet Hunter is sure to be on Mt. Lookout Square has all your sugary cravings, including macaroons, crepes, and more. The bakery also celebrates the creamy goodness that is Italian gelato. Visitors can come and see what the bakery has to offer or order the baked goods online. The bakery also serves packaged desserts.

Nice dinner in Boca

The French love fine dining, and Boca is arguably at the top of Cincinnati’s fine dining options. Whether you want to enjoy some foie gras torchon, some Pommes Souffles, or other French fare, Boca has you covered. If you prefer fine dining to celebrate the independence of France, you can book your table at Boca here.

Gobble some crepes at Avalence

A sweet or savory crepe is a French treat that any food lover can skip. Avalans Crisps + Waffles are a new “dangerously delicious” spot in Clifton, according to its website. The restaurant offers a variety of sweet and savory crepes, so no matter if powdered sugar, whipped cream and chocolate or scrambled eggs, cheese and breakfast meats are your thing, Avalanche has it all for you.

Enjoy a glass of French wine… or two

Having a glass of wine is a special pleasure no matter if it is with dinner or just to relax. In celebration of Bastille Day, go ahead and enjoy a glass of Beaujolais or Sauvignon Blanc – the options are endless. There are plenty of wine bars around Cincinnati that can serve you a range of French wines, including Liberty’s Bar and Bottle, LouVino, Corkopolis, and many more.

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