9 Great Restaurants Near Banff and Lake Louise With Incredible Views

Great food and a great view, a foodie’s dream destination. It is often difficult to find great options that offer great cuisine and panoramic views. In Banff and Canada’s Lake Louise, it’s common to enjoy a fine dining experience with picture windows framing great views of the rugged Rocky Mountains.

With views of Banff National Park and beautiful Lake Louise, food has never tasted so good. Below are nine of the best restaurants with a view in and around Banff. Restaurants are listed in no particular order.

Note: Some of the information in this article was obtained during a sponsored press trip, but all recommendations are mine.

creme brulee, crimson room

Sandy Barrett

1. The Scarlet Room

Stroll through the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs, where you will be transported back to when travel was an elegant endeavor. Visible around Banff, the Fairmont rises from the pine forest with all the beauty and beauty of a big lady. It is a great destination for a special occasion or celebration.

The Vermillion Room at Fairmont Banff Springs is the quintessential Banff dining experience. Secure a romantic table by the window. There you can enjoy a view overlooking the grass with Banff’s rugged peaks painting the background. The view is only overshadowed by the great food.

Beef tartare is the perfect garnish, served with smoked egg yolk, black garlic aioli and grilled sourdough bread. Alternatively, roasted beets with tangy orange ricotta and fennel jam will whet your appetite. The entrance selection will take time to peruse – the perfect opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine. Alberta braised beef short ribs melt in your mouth and the mushroom gnocchi is delicious. Leave room for coffee and dessert – like delicious creme brulee – to culminate a relaxing dining event.

Pro tip: Another great restaurant in Vermont is 1888 Chop House.

View of frozen Lake Louise from the Fairmont Chateau

View of frozen Lake Louise from the Fairmont Chateau

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2. Fairview Bar & Restaurant

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A stay at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, known for its elegant appointments and exemplary service, is a special treat.

Their Fairview Restaurant and Bar is one of the best places to experience stunning views of Lake Louise. Whether you’re visiting for dinner or stopping by for an adult drink, Fairview is a must on your Lake Louise itinerary. Expertly crafted regional cuisine will entertain all of your senses and excite foodie exploration.

Appetizers like mushroom parmesan gratin served with cremini, garlic butter and french bread. And the Albacore Cheese Tuna Crudo with Pomegranate Seeds and Jalapenos are delicious decisions to start your culinary journey. Serve forward to the likes of burnt cedar salmon or bison rib to complete steakhouse-style foodie cravings. An extensive wine list will provide options for the perfect bottle to complement your elegant dinner.

Pro tip: It can be difficult to get reservations at short notice. If you don’t have a chance to dine, be sure to enjoy a drink at the bar.

McLabs Bistro Banff Center;  Banff, Alberta June 2022

McLabs Bistro, Banff, Alberta

Sandy Barrett

3. McLabs Bistro

The charming Maclab Bistro is located in the heart of the Banff Cultural Center for the Arts and Creativity. Bring the bistro’s modern style with floor-to-ceiling glass walls to the outside table, or you can choose to dine al fresco with charming patio views. The simplicity of the bistro decor allows the scenery to capture your attention and attract your attention.

The house specialty is the Cobb salad, a huge plate of fresh greens topped with avocado, goat cheese, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and other miscellaneous treats—a delicious comfort food. The Classic Maclab Burger is a local favorite – piled high with bacon, mushrooms, onion jam, cheddar cheese, and other burgers. You can understand the appeal of the burger.

One Banff local noted, “The Maclab Bistro is far enough away from the bustle of Banff Village, but it’s a short walk—it’s our favorite restaurant.”

Pro tip: Maclab Bistro is the perfect stop if you’ve just finished hiking near the Tunnel Mountain Trail.

lobster stew;  La Terraza;  Banff, Alberta June 2022

Lobster Bisque in La Terrazza

Sandy Barrett

4. La Terrazza

Italian cuisine is always a crowd pleaser, and La Terrazza is the best place in Banff to try Italian cuisine in a unique greenhouse-inspired dining room. Located in the Banff Park Lodge in downtown Banff, the ambiance of a lush tropical garden house at La Terrazza sets the tone for a fine dining experience. Views through large windows and a glass roof provide visitors with beautiful views inside and out.

Start with lobster sauce with delicious whipped cream of basil or steamed mussels with nodoja marinara sauce and garlic bread. Follow your appetizers with La Terrazza’s signature dish, Rosellini. It’s a wonderful dish of pasta roses stuffed with ham and cheese and swimming in a light tomato sauce. It’s perfection on a plate!

Pro tip: BPL-52 Cocktail is a strong and delicious specialty dessert cocktail. Formulated with Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, Tia Maria, and Hennessy V S Cognac, our sweet adult pampering is finished with a liqueur-infused cream. It’s candy in a cup.

Summit of Mount Sulfur Banff, Alberta, June 2022

The summit of Mount Solver, Banff

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5. Sky Bistro

Ride the Banff Gondola to the top of Sulfur Mountain for a panoramic view of mountaintop dining. Sky Bistro’s patio is perfect for enjoying a drink while admiring the wonderful panoramic views. The option of dining indoors or on the patio gives access to Sky Bistro in any weather. Handpicked, locally sourced, and expertly prepared cuisine awaits your arrival.

A Northern-flavored lunch could include a spicy deer bolognese served with local bucatini or a cold smoked salmon sandwich. For dinner, start with fried Canadian cheese served with gooseberry sauce. Follow with Alberta short ribs stewed with charred broccolini and baked corn porridge – a hearty meal to support your hiking plans.

Pro tip: You need a separate ticket to ride the Banff Gondola up to Sky Bistro.

Whitehorn Bistro Lake Louise

Dine at 6,700 feet above sea level with a view of the Canadian Rockies.

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6. Whitehorn Bistro

Take a gondola ride to the top of Lake Louise Ski Resort for a scenic experience. On top of the mountain, dine at the Whitehorn Bistro. This brunch spot is the perfect place to share a classic Swiss – a cream cheese – with your best friend. In true Alpine tradition, fondue is served with potato fingerlings, handmade bread, cucumbers, pearl onions, and various accompaniments.

Pro tip: Check the website for seasonal opening hours. It is open for some time during the short summer months.

7. Juniper Bistro

Juniper Bistro is located on a hilltop at the Juniper Hotel, just outside Banff Center, and offers beautiful mountain views while you dine. The brunch menu is small but robust and perfect to fuel you up for a day of exploring Banff National Park.

Mashed avocado toast, with the unique addition of charred corn and goat cheese, accompanies a boiled egg, and it all plays well together on delicious toast.

Juniper Bistro is also open for dinner serving delicious items such as beetroot burgers made with organic beets and classic burger fixings. If you ask “Where’s the beef?” Check out the Juniper Burger made with smoked beef and cheddar cheese.

Pro tip: The Juniper Hotel is located a fairly long way down the road from the village of Banff. This is where you want to splurge in a Banff taxi.

8. Eden

Eden’s fine dining restaurant at The Rimrock Resort Hotel offers stunning mountain views and multi-course tasting menus. A three- or eight-course menu option – and a vegetarian option – gets even better with the addition of a gourmet wine pairing. When you sit down and let the chef control your meal and the bartenders control your wine, you expand your culinary adventure by eating outside your comfort zone. It can be surprising and enlightening to test someone else’s options.

Large eight-course tasting menus include chef-led delicacies such as sour cherry, smoked pea ravioli, smoked elk tartare, seared scallops, dry duck, wagyu strip, wild cheesecake and finishes with chocolate wonders.

Pro tip: Diners will explore a taste of the Canadian Rockies and expand their culinary repertoire while enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

9. Cliff House Bistro

Cliff House Bistro atop Mount Norquay is a fun place for a casual lunch. The Cliff House offers great views of Banff and the surrounding mountain peaks. Accessible by cable car for North American sightseeing, you’ll love the charming decor.

Enjoy a salad or sandwich with a local drink while relaxing and admiring the wonderful views. It is one of those places where you make fun memories.

Pro tip: Visit Jolene’s Tea House in Banff Village after sipping your favorite brew atop Mount Norquay.

Fairmont Springs Banff;  Banff, Alberta, June 2022

Fairmont Springs Banff

Sandy Barrett

Explore Banff and Lake Louise

Foodies will love Banff National Park and all the great culinary options available. When you pair great food with stunning views and super quality, it’s a win-win for everyone. Eating out in Banff should never be boring. With restaurants running the gamut from bistro to fine dining, you’ll find something to fit your budget in a place where you can breathe the fresh mountain air of the Bow Valley and fall in love with the scenery.

Pro tip: Other restaurants in the Banff area that I’ve heard worth visiting include: Nourish Bistro on Bear Street, The Maple Leaf on Banff Ave, Tooloulous on Caribou Street, Block Kitchen and Wine Bar for great dining, and Park Distillery for some. Fantastic Canadian cuisine on Banff Street.

visit the Banff and Lake Louise tourism office; The best place to find the latest information about the area.

Check out the beautiful Calgary views surrounding Banff:

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