9 low-budget recipes you can make with ingredients at home

Nigeria is tough these days, things are getting more expensive day by day, but man has to cut. These nine recipes work with tight budgets and ingredients that you already have in your kitchen or can easily have.

Plantin Vofu

When you are tired of eating staple food like iba, french fries, etc., it is also healthier and lighter. Enjoy with your favorite soups.

Find the recipe at Chef Lola’s Kitchen

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jar chips

An interesting way to eat my neighbor that I totally recommend. Not every time you should drink gary and peanuts. Sometimes you have to try things out of the box. I doubted the recipe until I tried it, and I haven’t looked back since.

Find the recipe at Ife Grace

Plantain and ice cream

I’m including this recipe here because I tried it and it blew. There is a whole video of me trying it and I was shocked at how amazing it tastes. The recipe is not complicated. Just fry the plantain and eat it with vanilla ice cream.

Find the recipe on TikTok

Spaghetti Golov

I like to believe that spaghetti jollof is a staple in every Nigerian home. In my house we make it at least twice a week, because it’s easy to make and it doesn’t cost much. But just because it’s quick to prepare doesn’t mean you should cook it anyway. Here is a recipe that will make you feel boogie.

Get the recipe on Zikoko

Aggy French toast

I know this may sound strange, but French toast hits harder if it’s made with sourdough bread. Slaps even without nutmeg or vanilla extract.

Get the recipe at Dobby’s Signature

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egg toast

This is one of the ways Indians love to make bread and eggs. It’s sort of the same way you’d make French toast, but you do add a few other ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

Get the recipe at Healthy India Recipes

Yamarita without flour

Most people use flour when making alimarita, but I’ve found that you can leave out the flour and it will still taste great. I’m so excited about this because I stopped making alimarita because of the high price of flour, but now I’m back. These are the things I like to see.

Get the recipe from Adanna’s Kitchen

plantain chips

I honestly thought the process of making plantain chips was long and difficult until I read the recipe. Please why buy plantain chips instead of making them at home?

Get the recipe at Precious Core

glove rice with beef

The day my mother cooked this at home, I wondered what was on her mind. Why did you think mixing rice and beef was something to do? Then I tried it and all my doubts went out the window. Try this recipe today.

Get the recipe at Telande World

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