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Hanover, GermanyAnd the July 15 2022 /PRNewswire/- Germany The largest lake festival and great food festival, its 35th event kicks off on Wednesday, July 27. After an interval of two years and with great anticipation, the 19-day festival can once again be celebrated Hanover Lake Maschsee with a host of new culinary concepts.

“We look forward to celebrating the anniversary of the Maschsee Lake Festival in Hannover this year. We will welcome our guests at Hanover Once again with a wide range of culinary shows, outdoor concerts and a city center holiday atmosphere. The Maschsee Lake Festival in Hannover has taken a leap into international prominence thanks to the award from the Big 7 travel portal – a mark of appreciation for all participants,” Hans Christian Noltesays CEO of Hannover Veranstaltungs GmbH (HVG).

International restaurants with an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters

Big 7 Travel International has chosen the Maschsee Lake Festival Hannover as the only German summer festival in its top 10 food festivals. The Maschsee Lake Festival in Hanover took ninth place in the selection procedure published at the beginning of June. “This festival on the lake is a paradise for gourmets,” the ruling said. There is a large selection of international cuisine from Asia to me Mexico. “The 35th edition of the Maschsee Lake Festival in Hanover will fully live up to this award, with this year’s array of offerings, particularly new culinary concepts. There will be over 4,000 places to sit down for a meal, along with a wide selection of food spread around Maschsee Starting at the northwest end of Lake Maschsee, the RADIO 21 lounge offers a fantastic view of the north bank. Spanish specialties are available at “Waldkater meets SpainThe path continues via the SeeBiergarten (Lake Beer Garden) to the north shore of Lake Maschsee: the Maschsee Pavilion (Pavilion) next to toy blue Is the place to go for good cocktails again this year – with a great view. Recommended “Bährenstarke Leuchtturmeck” as a popular place for beer and grilled dishes, and at “Welcome to MiamiVisitors can enjoy innovative burgers and fresh salad bowls. The house offers its guests the holiday experience with an oriental ambiance, and besides, Tulum He takes his guests on a trip to Mexico. Historic mountain hut meets sandy beach in “StrandAlm” for German Alpine cuisine. Maki, nigiri, sashimi and hot sushi rolls are on the menu at Sushien. Lindenblatt goes to the Maschsee Lake Festival Hannover: in cooperation with Aresto, the best restaurants of “800 Grad” and “Lokal 4” come together at the Maschsee Lake Festival Hannover. Specialties from the German coastline are available on the ‘WATERKANT – Madsack SeeSalon’ menu – including excellent coastal wines. The road continues along Rudolf von Bennigsen Bank with the oldest restaurant and entertainment venue Hamburg Reeperbahn, “Hamburger Veermaster.” In the neighboring Scandinavian fishing village, the visitor will find Flammlachs (salmon flambé), fried fish and vegetarian dishes in typical colorful houses. In the middle of the eastern shoreSan FranciscoRight on the American West Coast, in “Hygge am Maschsee,” the focus is on light summer cooking in the North. At Clichy, “Aside from the restaurants area, there is also a bar area that offers an invitation to a journey through France. Continuing the trend of Löwenbastion, “Pierre Garten” offers refreshments. At the “Strandwärts” in Halfway-House, one can relax right along the bank with cold drinks and selected delicacies from the “SupperClub 34”. “Streetfood am See – Löwenbastion’s Culinary World Journey” offers around 15 different food trucks from well-known names across Germany, such as “Dr. Bob´s Insektenküche (Insect Kitchen)”, “Kessel-Künstler” and “Mr.Veggie”. The journey continues to the “folk Irish” with Cider and Ale, specialty craft beers and typical Irish cuisine. To the southwest, the “Musik-Park an der Maschseequelle” (Music Park at the source of Lake Maschsee) opens for the first time with delicious drinks and selected cuisine served in a relaxed atmosphere.

Reservation of tables and working hours

Many restaurants around the lake hold exclusive events, such as winemaker evenings, tastings, Sunday brunch and themed evenings over the 19 days of the festival. Reservations can be made through https://www.visit-hannover.com/en/Maschsee-Lake-Festival/. Regular opening times start at 2 pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday from earlier 11 am.

Music program – outdoor and free

Musical and artistic events are shown during 19 days on the platforms around the lake for fans of the Maschsee Lake Festival Hannover – open air and free of charge. Among the highlights appearing on the Maschsee stage is Munique, presented by bigFM on July 30Marquis, presented by Anten Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in August 5The Jetlags, Submitted by RADIO 21 on August 13. The Hamburger Veermaster offers a nautical program with hut and sailor choirs, themed evenings, and famous lake dance. Locally and internationally renowned cover bands will attend at the new Musik-Park (Music Park) in Maschseequelle (Maschsee Source) on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There will also be a dance on Sunday at “House-Garten”, with Boris Delogos on me August 14.

The full program can now be downloaded from: https://www.visit-hannover.com/en/Maschsee-Lake-Festival/

Maschsee Pirates and Children’s Playground

The large children’s playground in front of the Heinz von Heiden Arena will host a fun and educational Xiè-Xiè experience that provides engaging and fun activities, with the Nintendo Summer Tour as a guest as well. And on Thursday, the lovable pirates embark on looting raids once again. Captainess Pigtail along with Cabin Boy Herring and hacker, Clown Fidolo, are looking forward to new adventures, and with luck they can even find the key to the treasure chest.

Focus – Lake Maschsee

The Maschsee is, of course, the actual star of the festival. During the day it is possible to watch water sports, while the boats of the ÜSTRA Maschsee fleet offer round trips, and in the evening, the distant view can be admired as the sun sets. On the first weekend, more than 100 divers from Lower Saxony will enter spectators with the torch swim parade. This past weekend, the big duck race at Norddeutsche Knochenmark- und Stammzellspender-Register (North German Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Registry – NKR) was the traditional guest at Lake Maschsee.

Experience Package – Accommodation Offer

For those who want to combine Maschsee Lake Festival Hannover with a trip to the city HanoverHannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH (HMTG) offers the perfect experience package, as well as a special discounted package.

All information about the 2022 Lake Machsee Festival in Hannover as well as the full program can be found at, https://www.visit-hannover.com/en/Maschsee-Lake-Festival/on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hannovermaschseefestor on Instagram at www.instagram.com/maschseefest_hannover.


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