A double dose of Urusei Yatsuura is on the way as a new anime has been confirmed as consecutive seasons

Fans have been waiting for over 20 years for this comeback of Romeko Takahashi, so it’s nice to know we’re getting more than just a little appetizer to start.

Anime fans young and old were excited when it was announced Urusei Yatsuurathe main series that took hold for the first time and made a great success for the manga master Romeko Takahashiis getting a new animated TV series.

However, today’s Japanese animation industry is very different from what it was in 1981, when the original animation industry was Urusei Yatsuura The TV anime was first shown. In the 1980s, the standard was that TV animation programs run for at least two cycles, as Japanese TV seasons of 13 weeks are calledor more, in the case of a chain with large budgets and/or high expectations. Nowadays, though, it’s rare for an anime series to have more than 13 green-lit episodes at a time, and even in the case of those that do well enough with that initial batch to warrant more, there’s usually a wait. Long before season two.

But just as Urusei Yatsuura Allstars (as the new series is called) seems to keep its ’80s setting, it will also be sticking to old-school scheduling, as Fuji TV announced that Chapters 1 and 2 will run consecutively On the Noitamina block, starting this fall.

▼ Electrifying news!

▼ Preview for Urusei Yatsuura Allstars

Granted, the courses are still well short of the 195 episodes that originally ran Urusei Yatsuura I had anime from 1981 to 1986, but then again, it’s a different world for anime streaming now, and 26 episodes right out of the gate is the exception rather than the rule. It’s an exception that fans are also delighted with Japanese reactions on Twitter such as:

“This is exactly the news I’ve been waiting for!”
“My noise reached the limit!”
“I am grateful for this decision.”
“Very happy that the first courses will be consecutive.”
“I will fill my eyes with this offer in the fall.”
“And Spy x Family will be back in the fall too!…I really hope the people who have enjoyed either Inuyasha or Yashami take out Urusei Yatsura!”

In other developments, the updated character design has been revealed he ranThey wear a demure outfit.

▼ Ran will be voted on by Kana Hanazawa

Speaking of costumes for actors, the cosplay supply company cospa She also announced that she has two Urusei Yatsuura Allstars Lom’s fashion is in the works, giving us a sneak peek at the exotic princess in her Tomobiki High School summer and winter uniform.

Urusei Yatsuura Allstars A total of four cycles have been set, although there is no word yet on when the third will start, or whether the third and fourth will also broadcast back-to-back. Fuji TV has also not set a premiere date for the series, but we know that for sure Urusei Yatsuura Allstars It will start in Octoberwith Noitomina being weekly at 12:55 a.m. on Friday, October 14 is a filter, which is also the same day as the original Urusei Yatsure It was first shown in 1981so if we have to bet, that’s what we put our money on.

Source: Urusei Yatsura Allstars official website via Otakomu, Twitter (1And the 2)
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