A playlist at Los Angeles restaurants that require a vaccine guide for indoor dining

As the Delta coronavirus race continues through Los Angeles County, seriously affecting non-vaccinated people, there is a growing push by some in the restaurant and bar community to move to only immune customer requirements. Doing so means checking the vaccination status of every diner and drinker (just like checking ID cards to make sure everyone at the bar is 21 or older) before serving them; It’s no small feat for a workforce already exhausted from big statewide reopenings, long hours, historically low wages, and sometimes aggressive clients.

However, some feel that only going vaccinated (at least for indoor dining) or asking for evidence of a recent negative COVID-19 test is the only way to limit the ongoing spread of coronavirus and ensure the safety of those same employees, as the delta variant has proven to be able to Spread to some fully vaccinated people. It’s worth noting that these bars and restaurants aren’t alone: ​​some entire areas, most notably New York City, have already begun requiring a vaccination for indoor dining (and many other public indoor experiences). Locally, the city of Palm Springs decided to do the same, in Los Angeles Times.

So what restaurants and bars are starting to make the change? It’s a moving target, with more and more places announcing their vaccination plans only on social media, but here at least most places have made the decision so far. For a look at the first list of bars to go live with vaccination mandates, there’s also a handy selection of places in LA Taco.

Formosa Café
Wonho Frank Lee

Here is the list so far:

1642 Bar, Historic Philippine Town
Akbar, Silver Lake
Bacchus Kitchen, Pasadena
Bandini Bar, Echo Park
Covil Bar, Los Feliz
Bar Franca, downtown
Henry’s Bar, Echo Park
Wicked bar, Hollywood
Bigfoot Inn, Atwater Village
Bigfoot West, Palms
Birdie Gee, Santa Monica (begins August 16)
Blind Barber, Culver City
Blind Barber, Highland Park
Caffè degli Artisti, Hollywood
Cassia, Santa Monica (starts August 16)
Cha Cha, Silver Lake
Club TG, Atwater Village
Conservatory of Music, West Hollywood
Crossroads, West Hollywood
Esther, Santa Monica (starts August 16)
Futsi, cypress garden
Formosa Café, West Hollywood
Gigi, Hollywood
Gold Digger, Hollywood
Gold Line, Highland Park
Harlow, West Hollywood
HiTops, West Hollywood
Highland Park Powell, Highland Park
Huckleberry, Santa Monica (begins August 16)
Idle Hour, North Hollywood
Johnny Barr, Highland Park
24 Hollywood Kitchen
Kitchen 24, West Hollywood
L’Antca Pizzeria da Michele, Hollywood
La Quivita, Highland Park
Langer Daily, Westlake
Largo, West Hollywood
La Cita, Chinatown
Little Joy, Pasadena
Lulu, East Hollywood
Los Globos, Silver Lake
Mandrake Bar, Culver City
Melody Lounge, Chinatown
Melrose Umbrella Company, West Hollywood
Milo and Olive, Santa Monica (begins August 16)
Milo SRO, Santa Monica (starts August 16th)
n / naka, palm
Oldfield, Palms
Austria La Boca, Melrose
Austria La Boca, Sherman Oaks
Permanent record of Roadhouse, Cypress Park
Precinct Bar, Downtown
Redline, Downtown
Risky Business, North Hollywood
Rustic Canyon, Santa Monica (starts August 16th)
Sassafras Hollywood salon
Sogo Hand Roll Bar, Los Feliz
Sunset Bear Company, Eco Park
Tabula Rasa East Hollywood
Talula, Santa Monica (starts August 16)
Abbey, West Hollywood
Airplane, Lincoln Heights
The Falls Lounge, Downtown
Good night, North Hollywood
Lashes, Downtown
Moroccan Hall, Arts District
Jalisco’s new bar, downtown
Gay, Highland Park
The Short Stop, Echo Park
Thirsty crow, silver lake
Grandma Tramp Seal, Venice
Winston House, Venice
Zebulon, Frogtown/Silver Lake

Do you know any other restaurants that have made vaccinations mandatory for indoor dining? Let us know on the guide.

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