A proposal for a new housing for the elderly in Newburgh .. Where?

A public hearing was recently held in Newburgh, New York to discuss a big addition: two new apartment buildings that will be designated for seniors. More details were revealed, and the reactions of Newburgh residents were mixed.

Proposed new residence for seniors in Newburgh, New York

The first time many residents learned of the proposal was through a modest paper sign pinned to the side of the road. “PLEASE TAKE NOTION,” and the sign reads, “The Planning Board will hold…a public hearing on the Monarch Drive Senior Housing application.” Many people have gone to NextDoor to express their surprise. “This is how they are now letting the taxpayers know what’s going on? I think it’s kind of sneaky, just my opinion,” said a man who said he lived all the way from the proposed site. “Work with great professionalism. Oh Lord!” Another person mocked. Details here:

Reaction from Orange County, New York

“I have received written notice in the mail about this matter [because] Another woman commented I live nearby… They are informing the owners of nearby and nearby properties.” Intersection of Route 52 and Monarch Drive, in the southeast corner. The notice was posted about a month before the scheduled hearing.



Seniors life plan details in Newburgh, NY

The schemes presented include a club, pool, and dog run area, plus a large car park and two buildings. It seems that each building will contain 50 large apartments. The reactions were mixed. A Newburgh woman offered: “We fought a nursing home for the past few years, and I wonder who might have a financial interest in this property.” “All I can say is wow, there isn’t enough seniors housing available for people who need it and now that they’ve built something, some people are protesting. I hope the protesters don’t have seniors who might need somewhere to go!” Another hit.

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