A small pizza bar rising in an alley off H . Street

All Souls, Shaw’s corner hangout for the alcohol industry (but no food) since 2013 is turning things around in its new cozy Atlas sibling with the addition of sourdough-based pancakes.

The Little Grand opens Thursday, July 7, with a familiar menu of local beers, eclectic wines, and classic cocktails like Manhattan, daiquiri, Negroni, and Martini (808 7th Street NE). The first branch of All Souls, in business since 2018, hides in the back of the Apollo mixed-use building where Fancy Radish, upscale apartments, and Whole Foods are also located.

For All Souls’ first-time foodie, partners David Batista, Soung Wiser, and Joanna Brady have enlisted a big name in the competitive New York City pizza world to help: friend and pizzaiolo vet Bobby Hellen. There are seven “New York-ish” round pizzas to start, some of which translate to a “Sicily” square shape.

The handsome interior has a mid-century modern look.
Little Grand

The dimly lit setting features elegant camel-colored booths and clean wood lines.
Little Grand

Square pancakes feed from two to three, while rounds feed from one to two.
Little Grand

Each 12 inch pizza base is made from locally ground flour by Migrash Farms blended with Italian Le Stagioni 00. Toppings include “all kinds of onions,” mashed potatoes, and seasonal vegetables, with additional ingredients like vegan Italian sausage, meatballs, and pepperoncini. Waffles run from $16 to $30.

East Coast Farms and Pastries are helping build a menu of appetizers ($12 to $13) starring ricotta (Caputo Brothers), grass-fed beef balls (Back Creek Bend), purple snow pea salad (Lancaster Farms), chicory and herbs ( Fireside). Dessert brings a pour of Ivy City’s Capitoline Vermouth to the table, along with a homemade vegan chocolate bar made with Peruvian cocoa and sun-dried maple sap from Vermont.

The Little Grand hours are 5pm to midnight (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays), with food available until late 10pm. There are a few reservations available each night, but a limited four-seater cabin and mostly bar seating. Available to enjoy. Instead of delivery, a cool relay window lit with a neon “Pizza Pickup” sign sends ready-made orders.

The H Street NE lane recently welcomed another postage-stamp-sized venue with the opening of Taqueria Al Lado II.

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