a stranger! NASA finds mysterious ‘pasta’ on Mars. Party time for foreigners?

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover has once again detected something strange on the Red Planet – a spaghetti-like object. What is this?

Extraterrestrials on Mars? Well, no one knows for sure yet, but NASA is definitely looking for them and leaves no stone unturned on the Red Planet, figuratively speaking. In this quest, NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, which is on a mission to reveal the planet’s secrets, has found something strange. NASA has shared the latest images taken by the rover and it may make many believe that there is an Italian restaurant on Mars and aliens might celebrate!

Well, there have been many strange things that scientists have found on Mars, but this one takes the cake, literally. NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover captured an image of an area using its front-right camera to avoid hazards, which showed a spaghetti-like strange object.

It’s not pasta, but it certainly looks like it – something in the form of a tangled thread. This image was acquired on July 12, 2022 by the vehicle’s forward hazard avoidance cameras, which are actively monitoring the planet’s surface. “HazCams detects hazards on the rover’s front and rear trails, such as large rocks, trenches, or sand dunes. Engineers also use Front HazCams to see where to move the robotic arm to take measurements, images, and collect rock and soil samples,” NASA stated about its cameras to avoid hazards on Mars rovers.

What exactly is this thread-like object on Mars? No one knows yet! But the CNET report notes that the most likely explanation for this tangle-like structure on the surface is from a previous mission, or even this one. In fact, Perseverance found remnants from a spacecraft earlier as well, and this object might be from this same mission.

The arrival of the probe to Mars in February 2021 was a very exciting event. The descent stage delivered the wheeled tester safely to the surface and then crashed some distance from the rover. Parts and pieces of the gear may have been spread out over a wide area afterwards. In fact, NASA’s Mars rover recently found a shiny piece of foil stuck to a rock on the surface of Mars. Scientists think the shiny piece of foil is actually a thermal blanket that they think may have come from the descent stage of the rocket that landed the rover on the planet.

There is a possibility that the filament-like substance is the result of such equipment from the spacecraft.

Currently, NASA’s Perseverance Mars probe is tracking an ancient river delta within Jezero crater on Mars.

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