A woman from the valley shares a harrowing story of surviving an earlier attack

Sarah shares her story in hopes of reaching out to others in abusive situations to let them know that they are not alone and that there is a way out.

Phoenix – It’s a story of bravery, courage, and my survival from abuse.

Four years ago, Sarah Beecher was almost killed by her ex-husband. Now that his trial is over and he is found guilty, she shares her story in hopes of reaching out to others in domestic violence situations to let them know that they are not alone and that there is a way out.

“Sometimes it all still seems so surreal,” Sarah Beecher said. “Sometimes I feel like it’s a movie I’m watching.”

It’s a miracle that Sarah is alive.

“I really thought oh my god. That is it, you know? said Sarah.

Sarah is a native of Arizona and has moved to Indiana. There, she met the man she would marry – Sean Spink.

“When I first met him, he was very charming and very kind. Then, I learned that these are great traits of a narcissist,” Sarah said.

She said that changed when they got married.

“Once we got married that was really when the possession started,” she explained. “I really don’t want to see my friends, I don’t want to do things without him. I didn’t want to talk to my family. So it was a very strange situation I was in.”

Sarah said Spink was isolating her from her family and friends and becoming controlling and manipulative. It was ultimately what made her make the difficult decision to leave him. She returned to Arizona and never thought he would follow her there.

But then she received a letter from Spink.

“It was kind of said, ‘Hey, I’m really excited,'” Sarah explained. I’m coming to Phoenix. We will start over with such an opportunity that we need.”

You didn’t believe him. Then she started seeing signs of him near her apartment in North Phoenix.

“I thought I saw a car that ours had stolen in Indianapolis. But it wasn’t quite the same, and I thought I saw it. But I kind of convinced myself I was making things up because I was just nervous.”

I later learned it was Spink. He used binoculars to spy on her at home, telling neighbors who noticed him that he was watching birds.

He was chasing her every step waiting to do what he did on September 15, 2018, when Sarah went to get her dog out.

“I opened my front door and he was kind of standing around the corner. He had a raid in his hand and he sprayed me with a Raid, and he pushed me back into the apartment. It fell on my back and he overpowered me,” Sarah described.

Sean zipped her wrist, sexually assaulted her and attempted to strangle her. A three-and-a-half hour fight began for her life.

“He stabbed me with the knife I bought as his wedding gift. It says ‘Baby Sean.’ And I wasn’t expecting that because he was putting a bag on my face and he was trying to strangle me and he was getting close to me and was able to put the knife in my eye,” Sarah described.

Shawn tells Sarah of his devious plan to kill her and then drive off a cliff and end his life with her body in his car.

“He said if he couldn’t receive me, no one would be able to host me,” Sarah recalls.

Sarah said that while he was trying to strangle her, she felt her breathing became shallow and she didn’t think she could continue fighting them. It was almost twice her size. But at that moment, she thought of her mother and found the strength to keep fighting.

Sarah said, “I was able to convince him that I was miserable. That I wanted to be with him and that I wanted to die with him. And that’s how I really managed to escape.”

They leave in Spink’s car and Sarah reminds him of something they used to do when they were a couple – eat ice cream. She convinced him to drive through McDonald’s to get the ice cream before they died.

Bloodied in the front seat of her ex-husband, she spotted a large group of people gathering in the parking lot.

“I remember reaching for the door handle. He grabbed my wrist and said, ‘I thought you were going to try something’ and I managed to pull my wrist out and just ran as he drove towards people. And I just screamed, ‘Help me! I was raped!’ “He took off really fast,” Sarah said.

Then the police caught Spink and arrested him.

“I knew my life wasn’t over. I kept praying that there would be, you know, a way out,” Sarah said.

Now, four years later, Spink is finally convicted on a number of charges including attempted first-degree murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated assault and unlawful use of transportation.

“I think a great deal of my recovery is that I can now tell my story, be able to tell my story,” Sarah said.

“And I remember right after that happened, I remember a lot of people who said, ‘Me too.

Sarah has gone blind in her right eye and is continuing her physical and mental recovery.

But Sarah does not allow this attack to define her. Instead, she opens up about it and devotes part of her life to domestic violence awareness.

“I feel like there is a lot of silence around her. I feel we need to stop this silence,” Sarah said.

Sarah hopes to create a support system for others in abusive situations to let them know that they are not alone and that there is a way out.

“The more our stories were told and the more we would go out and say, ‘Me too,’ she wouldn’t be there any more,” Sarah said.

Sarah is now organizing an event called ‘Stop the Violence – End the Silence’. It is a domestic violence awareness walk that is co-hosted with the Pinal County District Attorney’s Office.

It will take place on Saturday, October 15th at 8am at Prospector Park in Apache Junction.

Spink is due to be sentenced on August 26 at 11 a.m. Sarah encourages anyone who wants to be there to come and show support.

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