Adam Paley and John Gabros stopped in Denver for their new show 101 Places to Celebrate Before You Die

In the new truTV series 101 places to celebrate before you dieAdam Bali (best known for his amazing kitesurfing show happy endings) and John Gabrus (who was in Game over, man!It seems really touching that someone made them a travel offer. And why wouldn’t they be? The guys were able to spend eight long weekends getting rid of their families and visiting different cities with only one goal: to have fun.

And in the first episode, which premieres on July 14 at 8:30 p.m. CST, they do a pretty good job in Denver. But they could have done better.

The duo hit Arapahoe Basin Ski (well, Pally is a fan of the sport and haven’t been in years), Red Rocks for spectators (no concert) and the International Cannabis Church, which align perfectly with the classic Stoner dude characters.

But while their bar and restaurant choices were solid, they veered on the safe side.

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The Linger deck has always been a favorite, but what about Colfax?

James Florio

The couple started things off with bites and drinks on the rooftop at Linger, making a lot of jokes about the building’s history as a funeral parlor – fitting given the title of the show, but Linger has been in this place for over a decade and these jokes are way too old for anyone who lives here. Pale even commented that his mother had been making one of Linger’s signature dishes for a long time, Devils on Horseback (dates stuffed with goat cheese, and bacon).

While these little bites are delicious, even after more than a decade on the menu, we’d have sent the duo to the Misfit Snack Bar in Middleman on Colfax for some of the city’s most creative cuisine (unlikely a mom to make) .

Stop in after dinner at the Ice Cream Riot (instead of their pick, the delicious but already overdone Little Man) you could have found the kind of snack these two would appreciate: After all, their motto is “Roll Joints, Not Ice Cream.” . Our recommendation: Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwiches.

From there, if the two really wanted to keep the party going, it’d have been easy to crawl Colfax to 1Up for arcade games and drinks, Squire for more drinks and stop in late at night at Pete’s Kitchen.

The duo also spent time at Ace Eat Serve, which they describe as “one of the best après-ski spots in Denver.” Sure, if you’re going to leave the slopes in the middle of the day, perhaps? Then they drove from Uptown back to Highland for a beer at Recess Beer Garden.

Would you really be in Denver if you didn't recover with a smothered burrito like this one from El Taco de Mexico?  - Molly Martin

Would you really be in Denver if you didn’t recover with a smothered burrito like this one from El Taco de Mexico?

Molly Martin

While we’re fans of these two locations, we’d urge them to visit our 2022 pick for Denver’s Best Dining and Drinking Corner—Larimer and 36th Streets. Wood-fired oysters at Fish N Beer, some communal dishes at Hop Alley and a nightcap at Embassy Tavern makde for a real party. And if beer is a must, stop by our mutual friend in the Larimer area.

For the “Last Supper,” where the two really indulged, they chose Wolf’s Tailor, which is indeed a great choice if you’re looking to splurge. If reservations are unavailable, Beckon, Olivia, and Fruition are also prime picks for outings on your last night on the town.

But where was the tailing larva? Did they really spend three days in Denver without experiencing the joy of a green chili breakfast burrito? Can you even say you’ve been to Denver if you didn’t find yourself queuing at El Taco de Mexico or sipping a bloodstained Mary while waiting for a table at Sam’s No. 3, all to get your hands dirty and spicy giant wrapped tortillas?

We can forgive their jokes about naming Denver after a certain omelette (it’s not, for the record), but the lack of a green chile stopping point is something no other visitor to Mile High should do.

For more Denver requirements, check out our list of ten things every Denver tourist should eat and drink (and five that should be skipped).

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