After 85 years, Kraft has changed macaroni and cheese in New York stores

Kraft has confirmed that changes to the iconic macaroni and cheese are coming across upstate New York.

After 85 years, Kraft has confirmed that a name change is coming to their beloved macaroni and cheese. Kraft “Macaroni and Cheese” will now be called Kraft “Mac and Cheese”.

Get ready to find new Kraft Mac & Cheese boxes in New York

The reason is because Kraft realizes that most of us don’t call it macaroni and cheese and simply call it macaroni and cheese.

Kraft Foods to split into two companies

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“The change from ‘macaroni and cheese’ to ‘macaroni and cheese’ is meant to reflect the way fans organically talk about the brand,” Kraft Heinz said in a press release. only ; You have played a creative role in every stage of people’s lives.”

Found Kraft ‘Redefines’ Mac & Cheese in New York stores

Kraft believes the new name “redefines KraftMac & Cheese as Good Food for Everyone”.

Kraft says this is all part of a “new brand identity” for her popular takeout that also includes an updated logo featuring a pasta smile.

“The new look updates all aspects of the brand’s identity: the name, logo, brand colors, typography, photography, iconography, and packaging,” the company added in a press release. “The new look and feel evolve the brand and products to distinctively embody what positive comfort looks like: noodles of delight that lift you up and make you happy inside and out.”

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Newly shaped boxes bearing the new name are expected to hit store shelves across upstate New York next month, in August.

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