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I’ve seen a lot of shells drifting on the beach, Sandy, if you remember listening to Nat “King” Cole on 45 and 331/3 rpm records.

While challenging surfing and building castles close to the wash, I most likely enjoyed listening to the silky-soft songwriter of the 50s and 60s (who died in 1965 at age 45). Top 10 hits, including “Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer.”

Here are a couple of his verses to rock your memory:

Just fill your basket with sandwiches and wine,

Close the house, and now you are ready.

And on the beach, you will see skirts in bikini,

Cuter than ever, but they never get wet.”

“Go on the slow, misty and crazy summer days,

Those days of soda, pastries, and beer.

Putting up the slow, misty and crazy summer days,

You’ll always wish summer was here.”

That upbeat, somewhat innocuous “sense” from last year, which topped Billboard’s list in 1963, probably won’t make the PC break today. But, back in ‘today’, there have been plenty of eavesdropping and smiles.

Back in those lazy, foggy, crazy days of another summer, Banter began to think of the people who lived in and around Devon and Bruin before those past few decades when the tunes of beautiful Nat filled the air extolling the joys of summer.

These folks remember fondly not having to battle a top speed Rt. 30, RT. 202 or traffic on Swedesford Road to shop the stores where, like the old TV show Cheers, everyone knows their name.

They also remember the commercial strip of land on Rt. 30 between Waterloo Avenue, Devon/Berwyn, to West Daylesford parallel to the SEPTA Main Line trails, as a welcome aspect of all kinds of retail…before the burgeoning “big box” attack: retailers that descended upon the King of Prussia and nearby Exton like a swarm of Locusts for seven years missed a feeding cycle or two.

During the last years of the 20th century, one could look at the Devon/Berwyn commercial strip on Rt. 30 and we see more and more long-familiar stores disappear.

On the south side of Rt. 30, also known as Lancaster Avenue, those losses included Carson-Petit Mercedes/Peugeot, Dairy Queen, Pennsylvania gifts and prizes (especially Sam, the German Shepherd who was the shop’s official welcome), ACME, Thrift/Eckard Drugs, Earth Speak, Alava’s Coffee Shop , Jim’s Chevron, Christian Science Reading Room, and Imprint Inc. , Berwyn Hardware, Mosaic Tile, Pennypacker’s Florist, Fabric Shop, Joe Triolo’s Wallpaper and Paint, Connor Pharmacy, Fonzo’s Harbor House Restaurant, Blockbuster Video, and Waterloo Gardens, to name a few.

On the north side, near the railway tracks, the Industrial Valley Plumbing, Mack Oil, Bridal Shop, Berwyn Glass, Wellborn Elks Lodge, Pizza Hut, and Fritz Lumber all disappeared. Retail life was fading away everywhere. The jury was ready to pass its verdict on whether there was life in the “old villages” in the rapidly approaching new century.

Fast forward to today: there seems to be “just the promise” of new life on both sides of the road and adjacent streets. During the first few years of the new century, more than a handful of new stores appeared on the landscape, including Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt, a pub-restaurant (La Cabra,) (Fellini’s Café.30 Main, EmJ’s, Vee Koo,) a car dealer. (Tesla,) fitness centers, spas, and mixed-use developments like Devon Yard, the planned, but rambling, multi-story, fjord condominium complex on the historic Fritz Lumber Company site adjacent to Berwyn Train Station, again, to name a few .

While we were still in the “lazy, foggy, crazy” mental mood of July, we ventured onto the “Brownielocks.com” blog site to find a long list of weird, silly, unknown, and crazy July celebrations (all sworn to be authentic by… researcher.)

One of July’s most worthy celebrations (perhaps qualifying as an oxymoron), our research series is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Banter suggests being kinder to your smartphone when you’re in the company of others (not just in July) by 1) putting your phone away (simply stated, but also meaning “out of reach” when dining with family and friends, and 2) keeping the phone in Silent mode when in the cinema or church service

Scanning across countless other July celebrations, more ridiculous than our own sublime, we absorbed ourselves reading about National Lollipop Day that will be celebrated on July 20.

In case you didn’t know, the day is celebrated to honor the invention of the lollipop. If you’ve ever wondered about it (after all, according to PT Barnum, there’s a lollipop born every minute), the first person to claim to put a hard candy on a stick was George Smith in 1908. He named the candy in honor of his favorite racehorse. , Lolly Pops, and trademarked by name.

Finally, no one asked, but while enjoying the sunshine on those lazy, foggy, crazy days this summer, remember that it’s impossible for a solar eclipse to last more than 7 minutes 58 seconds because of the speed with which the Earth moves around the sun. But you already know that, right?


Final word: Happy day, good luck, and good news tomorrow!

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