Allergen-free and delicious Asian dishes at A1 Grill, Teriyaki & Roll

When you dine at A1 Grill, Teriyaki & Roll, be prepared for generous portions beautifully plated, “bowling” or cabbage. Think carefully when deciding what to order from offerings of perfectly grilled beef, chicken, salmon and shrimp as well as steamed vegetables – broccoli, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and green onions.

Then get ready to enjoy your meal served on the best steamed sticky rice in town and enhanced with delicious, hypoallergenic “secret” sauces. If you usually avoid Asian foods, try A1 Grill.

A1 Grill is a sure favorite for discerning diners.

Teriyaki bowl from A1 Grill, Teriyaki & Roll in Hesperia.

Start with good basics

Inam Koo came to the United States from South Korea in 1977 and began her nursing career. She was indeed a brilliant and innovative chef, with a taste that showed everyone that chemistry was one of her special skills.

Cooking is chemistry with ‘edible results’, and she has enjoyed developing and refining her expertise in the kitchen. As a child, she was allergic to some of the additives found in traditional Asian sauces, sauces and dips that her family enjoyed every day, and she knew others had the same problems.

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