Amadora Ice Cream is back from Chennai, now with handcrafted coffee and a Mexican menu

Vanilla meets coffee in a heady lap in the renovated Amadora space, which now houses Soroco, serving handcrafted brews and chimichangas

Vanilla meets coffee in a heady lap in the renovated Amadora space, which now houses Soroco, serving handcrafted brews and chimichangas

They met on the quesadilla. When Amadora Ice Cream’s Deepak Suresh met Giroud Francis and Annie Galle at Tinga, the city’s first taqueria, they first came into contact with Mexican food. Then they discovered a common enthusiasm for ice cream and coffee.

Gero runs the Aqualum Resort in Tulum, a Mexican town on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, and launched Tinga with Annie and Mexican chef Joacim Ramirez last year. They were looking for a new challenge.

The original Amadora has been updated, but it’s still familiar | Image source: Vishal Jayaprakash

Amadora, famous in the city for its delicious ice cream and innovative flavors (from “toast,” which consists of vanilla ice cream with buttered toast, to peanut butter ice cream topped with peanut brittle and hot chocolate fudge) is aged 10 this year. Deepak was looking for a change.

The result: a European-style cooperative café that encourages them all to bring their first game, uniting ice cream and coffee in the best possible way. Of course, aphogatos grab the headlines here: Scoops of creamy vanilla wrapped in a strong-smelling dark espresso.

The original Amadora has been updated, but it’s still familiar. There’s now a lot more room for indoor seating, but—especially in this weather—you’re more likely to take a double scoop of dark chocolate sorbet and sit outdoors. Next to Amadora stands So.Ro.Co (Southern Coffee Roasting Company), the new Gero and Annie venture, focusing on high quality beans from all over South India, in the form of espresso, pouring and cold brews, as well as trendy experimental coffees, Including bulletproof coffee and citrus scented.

Try a black pour to enjoy the natural aroma of berries and chocolate

Try the black whisk to enjoy the intoxicating aroma of natural berries and chocolate | Image source: Vishal Jayaprakash

The team’s coffee consultant Viggnesh V explains how they source beans grown at higher altitudes, collaborate with real estate in processing, and then control roasting so that the most delicate notes, dictated by their land, are preserved. The result is coffee with personality. You can choose between medium and dark roasts: try the blackened roast to enjoy the natural aroma of berries and chocolate. Or indulge in a caponizer, a strong espresso topped with whipped cream.

Gero and Annie offer a short Mexican menu here: expect nachos, tacos, chimichangas and empanadas, although the range is smaller than what’s available at Tinga. They also have a cafe menu with delicious sourdough sandwiches and salads – a reference to Tinga – Huevos Rancheros as part of their all-day breakfast.

Expect lamington ice cream, whipped cream sundaes and toasted brioche ice cream sandwiches with frozen hearts.

Expect lamington ice cream, sundae topped with whipped cream and toasted ice cream brioche sandwiches with frozen hearts | Image source: Vishal Jayaprakash

The service is slow, but when the food arrives it all comes with a fun rhythm. An Italian sandwich rich in red peppers and plates of mozzarella dipped in pesto sauce. creamy chicken sandwich with sriracha mayonnaise; Crispy chicken parmesan served with garlic mayo and a mouthwatering soju salad with arugula, quinoa and walnuts, dipped in a citrusy vanilla orange sauce.

Of course follows coffee, ripe and aromatic, paired with Amadora’s buttercream jam cake, shining with braids of candied orange peel.

There is more to come. Deepak, who has experimented with about 300 flavors of ice cream with his team for more than a decade from Amadora, is now baking even more, inspired by Soroko’s coffee range and cozy outdoor space. Expect lamington ice cream, a happy mix of coconut, strawberry jam and chocolate, sundaes topped with whipped cream and brioche ice cream sandwiches, filled with frozen hearts.

Amadora and Soroco is located at 23 Wallace Garden 3rd Street, Thousand Lights.

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