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For Raul Bonito, opening a new restaurant has become second nature. So when deciding on Key Biscayne’s newest dining venue – Amarandino – Bonetto relied on experience, research, and intuition that the island would welcome his new concept.

Argentine-born Bonetto opened his first New York-style pizzeria in Argentina – Palermo Hollywood – and then went to live in Peru for a year, falling in love with Peruvian cuisine. After more than 60 return visits, says Bonito, laughing, he began formulating a plan to make Peruvian food part of his future endeavours.

His next trip took him from Argentina to New York City. Bonito recalls: “I watched the movie (“Wall Street”) in 1989, and I thought it was a great city to live in.

After 18 months working in a pizzeria, he bought it and then went on to open ten restaurants in New York City, including Rigoletto’s Pizza, Pampa’s (Argentine), Café Frida (Mexican), Ciban NYC, and Guchas Empanadas.

It is this experience that makes opening Amarandino an exciting opportunity. “Amarandino is a Peruvian-style ceviche bar,” said Bonito. Al Jazeera news last week. “We offer a diverse menu, from traditional and innovative ceviche to delicious tiraditos and Shrimp Tacos.”

Amarandino offers a good selection of wines and beers and will soon start Happy Hours. They will also add Peruvian Lomo Saltado Empanadas and Aje de Galina Empanadas.

Bonetto moved to South Florida in 2020, after the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed much of New York City’s restaurant industry. He settled in Miami Beach, but his few visits to Key Biscayne led him to decide to pursue a career in the island culinary world. “I love that Key Biscayne is such a nice and private community,” said Bonito, adding that the large community in South America and Europe is a plus.

As for the AAmarandino menu, Bonetto says his most popular dishes by far are Ceviche de Vieiras with Scallops, Aguachile de Camarones, and Ceviche Pulpo al Olivo. He also adds that the unique Arroz con Leche y Matcha is a “must try”.

“I like to cook, especially Ñoquis, on the 29th, which is an Argentine tradition.


Bonito added that he can make “unas super empanadas” (fantastic empanadas).

Bonito said he also loves the Peruvian niki, a blend of Peruvian ingredients — tropical fish, quinoa, and aji amarillo peppers — molded with Japanese techniques.

But the menu, location and high quality ingredients are only part of Bonetto’s success as a restaurant. “I focus a lot on training our employees in hygiene, customer service, organization and a flexible work environment where we can all do whatever is needed to create a positive customer experience.”

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Amarandino is located in Key Colony Shopping Center at 200 Crandon Blvd, #101. It is towards the back with ample parking. Open from noon to 10pm from Tuesday to Saturday. Amarindo You can reach them at (305) 365-1242

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