An ice cream parlor owner in Massachusetts is still struggling to keep staff to cope with one-hour queues despite offering him an average salary of $20, plus bonuses.

An ice cream parlor in Massachusetts has been understaffed.GT. Marian Ayala / from the inside

  • The Massachusetts ice cream parlor has one hour lines outside due to not enough staff.

  • The owner said three of the six new workers recently quit, leaving him with a staff shortage.

  • He added that it was difficult to properly train staff during the busiest season of the year.

Customers queued for an hour outside an ice cream shop in Massachusetts because the owner couldn’t find enough staff.

Store owner Mark Lawrence told Insider that Mashpee-based Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlor took more than an hour on Memorial Day weekend in May when the store had a crew of five.

In early June, Lawrence was able to add six people to his workforce. He said three of those six new employees have quit in recent weeks, leaving him with a smaller workforce. He added that two of them did not like the job, while the other did not return or answer calls.

Now, there are about eight people eating ice cream, but Lawrence said there are still long queues outside Polar Cave ice cream that can be up to 45 minutes long.

Lawrence said it has been difficult to train his crew properly during the busiest season of the year and that he provides “quick” training at best. “

“There are so many things we can ‘just eat’ ice cream that we haven’t hit top speed, and the queues are still long,” Lawrence said. He added that the job is much more difficult than people think, which makes hiring difficult.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Polar Cave has suffered from a labor shortage, like many other small and large companies in the United States. When the major resignation took its toll, many employees left their jobs due to low salaries, few benefits, and poor working conditions.

A shortage of workers in the pandemic has forced Lawrence to cut Polar Cave’s hours from seven days a week to four. Hiring a handful of employees, he said, means the store can open five days a week.

Although he has three other employees, Lawrence was aware that some employees would be leaving in August to go back to college or to their home countries.

“Last year we closed our doors in the last week of August due to staff shortages,” he said. “Just pushing the can down the road is not a solution to employment issues.”

According to the state government, the minimum wage in Massachusetts is $14.25 an hour. Lawrence said he pays Polar Cave employees an average of $20 an hour. He added that no one earns less than $15 an hour and employees can get bonuses throughout the year.

Lawrence, who works every day he opens the store, said it’s “unrealistic” to pay his employees $25 an hour and offer benefits like health insurance and housing, when he’s running a small business.

“There is a limit to how much anyone is willing to pay for an ice cream cone!” He said.

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