An Iowa City Farmers Market seller has sold Asian vegetables for 13 years

Two customers approach vendor Nam and Anna’s Garden, whose folding table contains a few leftover bags of produce and potted plants after a successful morning at Iowa City Farmers Market.

After a few minutes of talking about growing plants at home, they walk away with a jade broadleaf plant and tips on how to care for it.

For 13 years, Nam Lam and his wife Anna have sold fresh Asian vegetables and plants from the garden of their Iowa City home to shoppers at farm markets.

Their wide selection of produce, including winter melon, Malabar spinach, bok choy, and sweet beans, attracted new and returning customers, slowly transforming the plates of community members and filling a gap in local Asian produce.

“Because we sell things that are not generally available in local markets, we have people from different cultures who will come up like, ‘Do you have this? “And sometimes we have to figure out what they’re talking about because sometimes we have it and we call it something different,” son David L. Law told The Citizen. Other times, we’d like, ‘No, we don’t. …they would bring something they had from home and say, ‘Hey, are you going to grow these?’

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