Archer’s BBQ Pizza Bullseye has opened in Seymour

Hungry customers can now sneak into the back door of Archer’s new barbecue spot and grab a pie at Bullseye Pizza. Since Archer Bagley parked a barbecue food truck in front of the former bank at 10225 Chapman Express in March, he’s been working hard and dreaming of a new use for the building’s basement.

Customers can build their own 7-inch or 14-inch pizza or pasta, choose pizza, alfredo sauce or pesto sauce and their choice of 18 toppings including smoked chicken, pulled pork or even figs.

Cheese options range from traditional cheese blends or fresh mozzarella, as well as goat cheese, feta, shredded Parmesan or cheddar.

Make your own pizza at Bullseye Pizza in Seymour on July 1, 2022.

Bagley said the pizza toppings were a collaborative effort. “We started throwing things at the dough and deciding what we liked,” said Bagley, who admits he’s not very cool when it comes to pizza.

There are also seven specialty pizzas on the menu.

“There’s real Memphis BBQ pizza here,” Bagley said. Other places bring pork, but they missed the final steps. We use half roast and half marinara sauce and add the traditional mozzarella and cheddar cheese.”

Then there is the T-Rex. “It’s your go-to staple with every meat in the house with a good balance of acid and spice,” he said.

A BBQ-Oban sandwich at Bullseye Pizza in Seymour on July 1, 2022.

James Reel, Archer’s BBQ operations manager, was sent to New Orleans for 10 days during Mardi Gras to learn as much as he could when he came across Brie Hensel.

Bagley encouraged her to move from New Orleans to be the executive chef of the upcoming Bagley’s Fire and Smoke Steakhouse.

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