Are you looking for a delicious cheesecake? Enjoy a slice at Bremfield’s Bakery and Café in Port Colborne

Jesseca Jennings, owner of Bremfield’s, with some of her baked goods including cheesecake, squares, and brownies.

Is your guilty pleasure a delicious piece of cheesecake? Or maybe you just want to indulge in something delicious? Either way, Bremfield’s has something for you.

Located on Main Street West in Port Colborne, the bakery and café serves “a variety of delicious, hot, specialty and cold drinks with many traditional pastries and delicious cheesecakes of the future.”

Jessica Jennings, the owner, said she started working at Bremfield’s as a baker.

She’s slowly starting to take over operations, Jennings said. About a year after that, she said, she took over the business.

“I officially took over in May 2020,” she said. “It will be two years in October.”

One of the things she said has helped them get through the pandemic is being a family business. Jennings said they had help from students and other family friends, but added that it was mostly “purely family.” Her brother works in the shop and her mother also helps her sometimes, including some recipes.

Initially, Jennings said, they were selling whole cheesecakes.

“It might take a while to sell,” she said.

After the final shutdown, an idea popped up.

“We started selling by chip,” she said.

Selling by slice turned out to be a wise business decision

“He took off, it was crazy,” Jennings said.

They started selling 200 slices, but she said, there was a period of months around Easter where she said she “bakes 70 cheesecakes a week.”

“We only serve pancakes on holidays now. A lot has changed with COVID,” she said.

Bremfield’s hosts a variety of baked goods along with cheesecake. There are bars, cookies, cakes, scones available and more.

She said the majority of cheesecakes have “gourmets”.

There was a time when they made up to 25 flavors.

“We have loyal customers who come in every Saturday and get 12 slices with their day,” Jennings said.

They sell delicious scones, Jennings said Saturday.

They recently partnered with a company in Fenwick called The Udder Way to wholesale cheesecakes. She said it was the first partnership they had.

One of the things Jennings said she loves about working with Brimfield is that by working for herself, she is 100 percent accountable.

One of the challenges she deals with, she said, is putting them in the oven. It currently uses two residential ovens, not a commercial oven.

“For example, for me to make 20 cheesecakes that’s five and a half hours of baking,” Jennings said.

And the high food costs of ingredients made her fight a battle inside her head.

“I understand I need to raise prices, but it’s very difficult to do,” she said.

“I think it’s getting more and more difficult for me and the other companies. We’re going and spending all this money, how are we going to get that back without stealing people?” she asked.

Jennings said they’re excited for the upcoming channel days at the end of the month.

She says they hope to have a full yard of the building by then.

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