Around the world on the streets: 16 most popular foods around the world

Traveling to a new destination is not just for fun; It accompanies our curiosity to learn about local cultures and traditions, which we explore through architectural marvels, landscapes and of course food. Every country delights itself with distinct foods that any foodie would want to try and make their trip a reality. And if you want to immerse yourself in the culinary culture established anywhere, you should skip the gourmet restaurants and wander the streets. Because this is where you will get the real taste of the country you are traveling to.

Here are the 16 best street foods in the world:

1. Archini and Gelato – Italy

Italy is largely associated with pizza and pasta, and rightfully so. Authentic Italian cuisine with cheese is popular all over the world for a reason – it’s so delicious. But there is more than just pizza that is a street staple in Italy. First, quench your pizza craving with street versions like – Pizza El Tague and go explore other street food like arancini – fried rice ball with a variety of fillings. And you can’t take a stroll in Italy without eating gelato – the light and airy sundae like dessert that is this place’s specialty.

Gelato is a lighter version of ice cream.

2. Meat Pie – Australia

Go to Australia and you’ll find meat pies everywhere – from fancy restaurants to bustling streets. Thin pancakes are filled with delicious meat filling and are enough to satiate your hunger for a long time.

3. Jerk Chicken – Jamaica

There is really no need to search for the best street food in Jamaica. Jerk chicken is the obvious choice. Marinated chicken is grilled to give a flavorful dish that leaves you craving for more.

4. Panni Chow – South Africa

A hole is dug into a square bread and filled with different mixtures of meat to give a delicious and hearty meal on the go. Rabbit chow may sound strange but you will be surprised to know that it draws influences from Indian cuisine as well.

5. Taco and tostada – Mexico

You may have tried tacos back home, but it’s a completely different experience to try away from the Mexican streets. Tostada is another popular street food that you will find on every nook and cranny in Mexico.


Tacos have won the hearts of people everywhere.

6. Takoyaki – Japan

No, we are not asking you to miss out on the wide variety of sushi that you have come to love now. But if you want the real street experience of Japan, grab takoyaki – fried balls stuffed with octopus and tempura – from any food stall.

7. Baku – Indonesia

This meatball soup is made with minced meatballs cooked with noodles, eggs, and other ingredients. The soup is very filling, for both your appetite and your heart.

8. Jiaoxi, China

These Chinese dumplings are the country’s most popular street food. They are either fried or deep fried, dipped in soy vinegar and made into ancient gold ingots, which are believed to bring good luck.

9. Gimbap – Korea

This is basically Korean sushi, which is made with cooked rice stuffed with meat or fish and wrapped in seaweed leaves. If you’ve got a taste for sushi, this is a must-try dish in Korea.

10. Croes – Spain

While Spain offers plenty of delicious cuisine, there is nothing quite like churros to wrap up your visit there. Crispy fingers wrapped in cinnamon sugar and dipped in chocolate. Devouring, already?

11. Tom Yum Goong and Mango Sticky Rice – Thailand

Tom Yum Goong is the most popular Thai soup, usually made with shrimp. Thai flavors enhanced by a hint of lemon make this soup a very refreshing treat. But if your sweet tooth motivates you, just eat sticky mango rice on the streets of Thailand.

12. Pastry – USA

Knot-baked bread is served either plain or stuffed. Pastries are one of the most common and popular street foods in the United States and you can’t go back from there without trying them.

13. Smit – Turkey

Simit is not only the most common street food, it is also the breakfast that the locals serve there. It is a round bread covered with seeds such as sesame seeds and flax seeds.

14. Phu – Vietnam

You will be spoiled for choice on the streets of Vietnam for fast and delicious food. But Pho is something you can’t miss. A hearty soup made with rice noodles, herbs and meat, Pho reflects Vietnamese food culture to its finest elements.


Pho is a famous soup from Thailand.

15. Kottu – Sri Lanka

In Colombo and elsewhere, you will find locals as well as tourists lining up for a meal of Kottu – roti cut into small pieces and then mixed with grilled meat and vegetables.

16. Pani Puri – India

Go anywhere in the country and you will find a vendor selling pani puri (jul gaba) accompanied by seasoned water. Pani puri is undoubtedly one of the most popular street foods in India.

Are you also a mobile traveler and have your food in mind? You have to try the most popular street food in these places on your next visit.

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