Authentic mouth-watering Mexican street food from Pacifico, Mallorca

Uncommon, the Covid pandemic has opened new doors for Javi Vera, the doors of a new bar and restaurant – Pacifico – with a name inspired by the region between California and Peruvia and dishes that reflect the fresh and authentic flavors of Tex-Mex.

After completing his studies at the School of Tourism, Javi knew he wanted to get involved in business and management, particularly in the food industry. Now, he’s bringing Pacifico, an authentic and unique cocktail bar and restaurant, to Mallorca that is unlike anything else in the area!

After running his own business for five years, learning how to run people and his own company, Javi said this was a very important learning curve that led him to the innovative idea of ​​opening a street food restaurant and bar. With a background working as an expert at Casa Maroca in Mallorca, known to be one of the best restaurants on the island, and famous street food restaurant Canela, Javi had the idea of ​​setting up his own bar and restaurant.

Pacifico is for everyone, whether you are from Spain or anywhere else in the world, whether you are a resident or a tourist, or whether you are looking for delicious food or delicious cocktails. Inspired by the tastes and sensibilities of South America, Pacifico serves authentic street food such as delicious shrimp tacos, tender slow-cooked ribs, and fresh, hearty Tex-Mex and ceviche. You will find unique flavors from California and South America in their dishes.

And it doesn’t stop at great food, with a large selection of tequila on site, Pacifico has a special menu dedicated to the margarita – the perfect cold brew for long, hot summer evenings. All of this is enjoyed in a cool and lively setting, with a great outdoor area to mingle, drink, eat and chat.

Bring your friends and family together and interact in this unique place perfect for showing off on social media and attracting influencers from all over the world to capture moments to share in their feed.

Tabuk: Plaza Santa Ponsa 1, local 20, 07183 Santa Ponsa

phone: 691022372

work hours: From 1 pm to 11 pm, closed on Wednesdays

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