Avocados from Mexico are increasingly successful in franchising businesses

Avocados of Mexico (AFM), the number one selling avocado brand in the United States, dominates not only retail and the food service industry, but also franchises across the country. Finding delicious, fresh foods in the sports arenas has never been easier thanks to the newly rebranded AvoEats of Avocados From Mexico. With 77 percent of consumers preferring fresh avocados, the #AlwaysGood brand is stepping up the new Guac game with innovative, delicious avocado-focused twists on franchise classics, expanding existing franchises and revitalizing in 2022 to deliver big results while avoiding lovers.

Franchise platforms are an ideal growth channel for AFM’s foodservice, with an increase in fresh avocado volumes in 20212. AFM’s AvoEats is influencing hungry sports fans who want more than a traditional hot dog. In fact, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, total franchise sales at AvoEats rose 227% from 2019 to 2013, proving that fresh avocado fare is essential for stadium-goers.

Sales of the foodservice industry continue to rise in the travel and leisure segment, where sports and leisure lie, seeing solid growth of 16% from 2021 versus 2020. The travel and leisure segment currently accounts for 42% of the fresh avocado market for foodservice in the US, proving that AvoEats He’s driving some serious excitement. Due to the overwhelming popularity of its first location in Boston’s Fenway Park, AvoEats by AFM footprint is now expanding to a second location in Fenway Park, bringing classic football stadium fare to Guacin’s cool menu items. Newly inventive items include tacos with guacamole and avocado dipping sauce for pastry, providing avocado lovers with a unique twist on some of their classics.

“AFM’s AvoEats have been so successful at Fenway that we opened a second location on the field in 2022,” says Amanda Heglin, director of partnership activities for the Boston Red Sox. “Red Sox fans can’t get enough of that souvenir of nachos with fresh guacamole. It’s the best way to enjoy a baseball game.”

“AFM’s AvoEats takes court dining to a whole new level by providing what consumers want – fresh, delicious avocados,” says David Spirito, Senior Director of Culinary and Food Services at AFM. “By introducing innovative twists on classic dishes and incorporating the beloved avocado, we are seeing a successful response from sports fans and we are excited to see continued growth in the years to come.”

AFM’s AvoEats franchises are located on stadiums across the United States that host football, basketball, tennis, baseball and more, in top markets such as Boston, Dallas, Green Bay, Los Angeles and Miami.

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