Avoid These Mistakes at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022

The 2022 International Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT is July 14, 2022 all the way to November 19, 2022! This is four months of your chance to eat and drink your way around the world. To get the most out of your Disney dollars, you’ll need to avoid some common mistakes.

Appetizer sized food samplings, wine tastings, beer excursions and specialty cocktails await! Plus there are concerts, scavenger hunts, festival merchandise, and more.

Here is our strategy for Occupy the 2022 Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT.

  • Reserve a Park Card
  • Plan your meals, snacks and drinks
  • budgeting
  • Go on a weekday
  • Bring a tray
  • View the party schedule early
  • Bring a refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated
  • Take breaks and slow down

When to visit EPCOT…

Before you do anything, you have to do Reserve a Park Card. You can’t go inside the Walt Disney World theme park without booking a park ticket. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake people make and they show up at the gate without a mistake. You will not be allowed to enter EPCOT or any Disney theme park without a reservation Park Pass Reservation.

Weekends are very crowded and busy during the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022, so Try to go on a weekday if you canor even in the evening on a weekday.

A view of the monorail and the Earth’s spaceship at EPCOT

Plans to eat and drink at the 2022 Food and Wine Festival

Since the festival kicks off, we’ll need some time to try it all out so we can guide you through the best food and drinks. Besides quality, we want to help you identify the best value items.

So check back soon as we’ll have a full guide on what couples should order at the 2022 Food and Wine Festival. In the meantime, you can browse the full list of Disney Parks.

A common mistake couples make is to appear without a plan for what they are going to ask. This leads to overspending and sometimes ordering some things that are not really satisfying.

Salmon and Corn on the Street – Epcot Flower and Garden 2022 (Food and Wine Festival photos coming soon)

Determine the budget for the 2022 Food and Wine Festival

The amount of things to eat and drink at the 2022 Food and Wine Festival is just huge. It will be impossible to try everything, and it will quickly accumulate.

Don’t make the mistake of just going for it. Instead, plan ahead and set a rough budget for what you’ll allow yourself to spend. $50 per person is the minimum you can throw away, while $75 per person is roughly average.

If you want to enjoy some beer, wine, or cocktails to go with those delicious treats, you might be looking at roughly $125 per person.

  • Food samples range from $6 to $10 on average per dish
  • Wine samples range from $7 to $10
  • Beer samples range from $6 to $9
  • Cocktails and Specialty Beverages $9 – $13

Sharing means caring When you stop by the Food and Wine Festival booth, decide if you really need to order each item, or are there two distinct items you’d like to share together. You’ll save some money and make room for the rest of the festival.

Besides, half the fun of the 2022 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is the social aspect. And when you break down and share the items, you can have fun discussing what you like or don’t like about each item.

Pro tip: If you go as a group, Bring a tray. Tables can be hard to get, so a tray can help you carry all the items you ordered. And if you can’t find a table, a tray will make it easier to eat as you huddle around any surface you find.

Epcot Arts Festival: great food and activities for adults
Delicious food from a dish broken up at the 2022 Epcot Arts Festival (Food and Wine Festival photos coming soon)

View the 2022 Food and Wine Festival listings.

Eat according to the Beat . concert schedule

To complement all of these culinary delights, EPCOT also offers an “Eat to the Beat” concert series with a lineup of classic rock and more. Some of the performers may not be people you feel deserve a seat, so be sure to view the Eat to the Beat concert schedule.

The big names are saved for busy nights and weekends.

  • Baha men
    July 14 and 15
  • Big Bad Voodoo Dad
    From 16 to 18 July
  • Tonic – New!
    July 22 and 23
  • Jeremy Camp – NEW!
    24 and 25 July
  • Taylor Dane
    July 29 and 30
  • Tiffany
    July 31 and August 1
  • Joey Fatone and Friends
    From 5 to 8 August
  • German Devon Project
    August 12 and 13
  • Christopher Cross
    14 and 15 August
  • Former lead singer of The Journey, Steve O’Geri
    August 19 and 20
  • air supply
    August 21 and 22
  • Blanco Brown – New!
    August 26 and 27
  • 98 degrees
    August 28 and 29
  • South Avenue
    September 2 and 3
  • Chris Allen and David Cook
    4 and 5 September
  • Hoobastank – New!
    September 9 and 10
  • Jimmy Allen
    September 11 and 12
  • Los Amigos Invisibles – NEW!
    September 16 and 17
  • American authors
    September 18 and 19
    September 23 and 24
  • Postmodern music box
    September 25 and 26
  • Stokley – New!
    September 30 and October 1
  • Shelia E.
    October 2 and 3
  • Mark Wells
    October 7 and 8
  • 38 special
    October 9 and 10
  • Robert Randolph Band
    14 and 15 October
  • Newsboy – NEW!
    October 16 and 17
  • Ray Parker Jr. – NEW!
    October 21 and 22
  • Billy Ocean
    October 23 and 24
  • Hanson
    From 28 to 31 October
  • Boys II Men
    From 4 to 7 November
  • Kenny J
    November 11 and 12
  • sugar ray
    November 13 and 14

Then from Tuesday through Thursday nights, local and Florida bands take the stage:

  • C’Nergy
    From 19 to 21 July
  • country airwaves
    From 26 to 28 July
  • an item
    From 2 to 4 August
  • Latin ambition
    From 9 to 11 August
  • epic
    From 16 to 18 August
  • Evolution: Motown
    From 23 to 25 August
  • M-80s
    August 30 to September 1
  • vibe
    From 6 to 8 September
  • foreigners trip
    From the 13th to the 15th of September
  • SMB “Female Gathering”
    From 20 to 22 September
  • epic
    From 27 to 29 September
  • Latin ambition
    From 4 to 6 October
  • vibe
    From 11 to 13 October
  • 506 Crewe (Reggae)
    From the 18th to the 20th of October
  • M-80s
    From 25 to 27 October
  • country airwaves
    From 1 to 3 November
  • foreigners trip
    From 8 to 10 November

More tips…

Stick to the EPCOT fireworks display that explodes over the World Showcase Lagoon every evening. It’s incredible. Or you can plan a night out by watching the Disney fireworks outside the parks.

Most of all, hydrate! The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2022 is longer than ever and begins in July when it’s extremely hot and humid. Please take care of your health and safety by moisturizing often. Bring a refillable water bottle. You can get Complimentary water at any Disney quick service restaurant And there’s a water bottle refilling station near the center of the park, in the World Showcase rose garden toilets.

It will be very busy this year, so pack your patience and take plenty of breaks.

Featured image courtesy of Walt Disney World
Updated July 2022 by Danny Meiring

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