‘Back to Win’ chefs unleash their inner herbivores for a vegan challenge

MASTERCHEF: LR: Joe Bastianich, Aarón Sánchez, and Gordon Ramsay in “Back to Win: Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!” The episode airs Wednesday, July 13 (9:01-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Fox.

Welcome back to the “MasterChef” summaries! In episode 7, “Gordon Ramsay loves vegans! Chefs are giving up meat and dairy. Will they raise the stakes? Let’s find out! Miss a week? You can Read our summaries And watch On Demand, on FoxNowAnd the on Hulu And the on TobyFOX’s free streaming service. This TV station is owned by FOX Corporation.

Gordon Ramsay’s “MasterChef” this week began teasing a “horrible truth,” a secret he says is “too big” and too afraid to tell on national television. He declares it will put the chefs on a challenge that “no one expected”. this secret? He enjoys vegetarian food. It’s a fun revelation from a chef who made his name in Beef Wellington, somewhat undermined by the episode title “Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!”

After some flashbacks in which Gordon blamed old chefs for serving him vegan dishes – he’s not a rabbit, you know – our brave leader demonstrates his newfound love for vegan cuisine by preparing beetroot Wellington. Replacing a hunk of beef with vibrant beets, he wraps the red vegetables in a crepe made with beet greens and chives, then wraps them again in a vegetarian pastry filled with a brine of chickpeas. “MasterChef” is always memorable when Gordon’s cooking, a reminder that despite he’s hosted thirty different shows, he’s still naturally over the stove.

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The challenge is clear: Create a vegan dish using ingredients from “MasterChef’s Garden”—less than a garden from the relocated Whole Foods produce division—and a pantry refilled with vegan-friendly ingredients like tofu, miso, and nut milk. As Aaron reminds us, “This type of food is very difficult to execute.” He is not mistaken. Vegetarians crave texture and texture as much as standard carnivores; The mark of a great vegetarian chef is someone who can conjure up the luxury of meat and cheese dishes while working with the infinitely more delicate ingredients. The chefs will want this win, though: Immunity is back on the table and the loser will leave the competition.

MasterChef: Back to Win: The best beetroot you can eat


MASTERCHEF: Contestant Samantha in “Back to Win: Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!” The episode airs Wednesday, July 13 (9:01-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Fox.

Some chefs are happy with this challenge. For example, Chile wants to make a Peruvian tofu curry that she often makes for her daughter, who was raised as a vegetarian. Amanda, too, says the challenge has been set for her, noting that her Lebanese-inspired cooking relies on plant-based foods. The falafel dish, she says, was inspired by a recipe her grandmother taught her. Bowen also exudes confidence, given that his in-house restaurant has a full vegetarian menu. He plans to pair a scallop-style tofu preparation with a mango-coconut risotto. Joe, as ever, is skeptical.

Others are certainly less enthusiastic. Willie and Brandy are quick to declare themselves away from their element, as does Shane, who despite winning the vegan challenge in his season. chef juniorlongs for an iced bucket of turkey legs.

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Derek has something to prove. He’s been sailing halfway throughout the competition and wants to take a big win at the end. “I’m not here to ski,” he says. “I’m here to win.” his idea? Flatter the host. Taking a hint from Gordon, he works on reimagining beef tartare as a beetroot rice. Fred is also feeling pressured. He won his marijuana with a vegan dessert and Joe had “very high expectations”.

“MasterChef: Back to Win”: This is a drip


MASTERCHEF: LR: Contestant Christian with Gordon Ramsay in “Back to Win: Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegetarians!” The episode airs Wednesday, July 13 (9:01-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Fox.

“This is, like, very ambitious,” says Joe of Fred Tofu Gnudi, which swims in Sichuan cuisine’s famous Mapo spicy sauce. Unfortunately, referees see slips in a unique style as they move from table to table. Joe is also skeptical of Samantha’s stuffed potato pie, a dish inspired by her favorite pierogi. “mysterious!” He announces while looking at her table. However, the appearance he gives them is hardly as flaky as those he gave Shane, which was considerably less salty than his arancini risotto.

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Joe and Aaron were most impressed by Chanika, who makes vegan mozzarella from scratch for a caprese salad. “Look at that drop!” She says, holding the stirring spoon loaded with cheese. Really impressive. Dara has also been praised for using jackfruit—a favorite of vegetarians because of its delicious texture and absorbing flavor—and making mandarin fritters for taco crusts.

“MasterChef: Back to Win”: shake your money maker

But Shanika and Dara don’t make the top three. That honor goes to Derek, Amanda, and Bowen. Joe faints positively at Derek’s beet rice, which he calls “a crowd pleaser, money maker, and winner.” Aaron sweeps up with his bold beet-and-avocado go-to, and she’s not the family’s most natural companion. Gordon’s only note? A ‘touch of chili’ and it would be almost perfect. He didn’t win, but Derek is still glad he finally made it to the top of the challenge.

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Bowen’s tofu scallop is also a minor, mainly due to the overindulgence in mango and coconut rice, which Gordon considers unnecessary. However, all judges compliment his style – Joe describes the dish as a “triumph of textures” – even if they seem to like the dish more than they do.


MASTERCHEF: LR: Racer Gabriel with Gordon Ramsay in “Back to Win: Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!” The episode airs Wednesday, July 13 (9:01-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Fox.

Amanda brings home the win, despite her falafel simplicity. Joe calls it “perfect,” but wonders if the perfect falafel is enough to win the immunity. It turns out that its simple pleasures belie the complexity of its components. Gordon calls it “street food that lives up to restaurant quality.” her immunity.

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And as high as the highs were in this challenge, the lows were fairly low. Gordon, Aaron, and Joe are enthusiastic in their criticism of Shelley, Samantha, and Fred’s dishes. Chile’s tofu curry dish has been described as a “nightmare”, with judges calling it “slightly anemic”, “naked” and “incomplete”. Fredz Gnudi has also come under heavy criticism, with Gordon comparing his “Things in a Bowl” presentation to what is presented on “MasterChef Junior”. On top of that, the judges pin it down for being too salty, lacking texture and tasting as if it came from a can. “Tech really lets you down,” says Joe. Aaron notes that his saving grace is in the eggplant, which he describes as “perfectly cooked.”

As for Samantha, Gordon laughs that the stuffed potato pancake is like something he might find in the frozen foods section. Joe grumbles that it’s “like a one-for-four on a mediocre breakfast or brunch plate.” Aaron calls it “boring.” Just brutal stuff.

During the judges’ deliberations, Samantha and Fred discuss what’s worse: Eating your food labeled “canned” or “frozen.” And we soon discovered that the answer was “frozen”. Samantha and the echo of a sigh are eliminated throughout the Masterchef’s kitchen; Tonight, they’ll all sleep next to a rack of ribs.

night dish

Amanda’s falafel sounded very satisfying, but I was surprised there was no love for Michael’s fudge, coconut and lemon panna cotta with vegan cookies. It was brilliantly colored and painted and seemed to hit the plate without a hitch. Of course, we have no choice but to eat with our eyes.

Next week on “MasterChef”

top chef Alum Tiffany Dairy swoops in for a fusion challenge as chefs must honor international cuisine via Southern cooking techniques. Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

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