back to work? But don’t go back to unhealthy snacks

back to work? But don’t go back to unhealthy snacks

July 10, 2022 at 10:17 pm
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Inadequate nutrition can tire your brain and affect your focus at work.

With many offices reopening recently, people are back to enjoy some social life again.

This has also brought back the practice of snacking from the office kitchen table!

These snacks are mostly fried foods and sugary drinks, which are bad for your health and productivity as well.

Fitness and nutrition scientist Dr. Siddant Bhargava recommends what you should eat in your workplace.

The right foods help your productivity

Dr. Bhargava recommends eating them on the job: almonds, dark chocolate, walnuts, apples, sunflower seeds, berries, and pumpkin seeds.

“Focus, focus, productivity and satisfaction at work is important. While the right foods can play a direct role in your productivity and mood levels, insufficient food intake can cause brain fatigue and affect your focus and concentration,” says Dr. Bhargava. .

What do you snack between work?

Next time you’re looking to eat something at work, leave out those chip packs and look for healthier options.

Bananas are full of glucose to keep you energized throughout the day. One banana provides enough carbohydrates to keep you full.

Rich in vitamin C and iron, it also relieves hunger pangs and improves your mood.

“Kale is a superfood and a green leafy vegetable that is highly nutritious and good for the brain.”

“Rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, kale boosts your productivity and keeps you energized all day long.”

The doctor recommends “adding it to salads and smoothies or eating it as is.”

You can also eat salads with cruciferous vegetables and legumes.

Boiled eggs between work

Eggs are rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

It contains a high amount of B vitamins like B6, B12, folic acid, and choline, all of which are linked to good brain health.

Eggs also help delay cognitive decline and prevent brain shrinkage.

The nutrition and fitness scientist suggests: “Snack on two hard-boiled eggs between work to keep you motivated and deal with fatigue.”

What is healthy and what is unhealthy?

Always abstain from sugary drinks and sweet snacks such as soft drinks, cakes, cakes, and the like.

Also, don’t indulge in fried foods or packaged “health foods” like baked vegetable chips or granola bars.

Instead, think about eating betrayalPuffed rice, baked banana chips, sprouts, dried apricots, and dates.

These foods will keep you energetic and fill your body with essential nutrients.

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