Baklava recipe from Ray Drummond is a great dessert idea

Ree Drummond makes a homemade baklava recipe full of sweet and nutty flavors that sounds great but couldn’t be simpler. The Pioneer Woman star shared her pro tips for dessert, including how to make making filo dough easy.

‘Pioneering Woman’ star Ray Drummond | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photobank

Ray Drummond shared her homemade baklava recipe

Drummond wrote about the baklava recipe in a 2020 post on The Pioneer Woman. “Baklava is delicious…but it’s even tastier when it’s homemade,” she wrote. “And it doesn’t have to be my home that makes it. It could be anyone’s home. I just think that homemade baklava tends to have a bit more flavor…a little bit more fresh…something a bit more of ‘something’ more than Lots of baklava you buy.”

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