Batsu! Chicago will host Premiere Newly Renovated Venue inside the famous Japanese restaurant, Kamehachi at Grand Reopening

Batsu! Chicago debuts its newly renovated venue at popular Japanese restaurant, Kamehachi, as they welcome crowds back on Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 7 PM Cairo time.

It is located in the historic Old Town district, BATSU! Chicago partnered with Kamehachi in 2016 to bring this multicultural comedy experience to the Midwest. The team is now reopening after two years of a pandemic-related layoff and is displaying its renovated event space on the upper level of Kamehachi at 1531 N Wells St, Chicago, IL.

“Kamehachi has been Chicago’s original sushi restaurant for over 50 years. Combine that with multi-generational Japanese-American ownership, and you’ve got the perfect home for BATSU! Chicago, which connects our offering to both the Chicago establishment and the Asian-American community at large,” says Jen Kim , co-artistic director and host of Batsu! Chicago.

“The reopening was a great opportunity for a refresh – both the show and the venue itself have a new look and feel that energizes the restaurant and Old Town district. We can’t wait to show it off!” Batsu! Chicago is a cultural fusion fusing Japanese batsu with American comedy when four warriors face comedic challenges to avoid painful, humiliating, and ridiculous punishments. This multitasking experience is set on a custom menu by Chicago’s original sushi bar, Kamehachi. In addition to the a la carte menu offered to members of the public, Kamehachi also has pre-set packages that can be ordered before arriving at the venue. “

Old Town has always been famous for comedy. The neighborhood is home to landmarks like Zanies and Second City; For the past six years BATSU! Chicago has become a special part of that scene,” says Eric Robinson, performer and co-founder of BATSU!.

“It is a unique and immersive comedy experience that brings people together to share some food and laughter. In addition to the reopening, we are also looking forward to collaborating with our friends in the Japanese arts and culture community in Chicago.”

Whereas the newly renovated Kamehachi Place will be home to BATSU! Chicago, the team is also exploring new ways to use the space to connect and grow local talent at AAPI in the coming years. Batsu! Chicago hosts performances on Friday or Saturday evenings at 7p CT in Kamehachi in the Historic Old Town District: 1531 N Wells Street Chicago, IL 60610. Tickets are available at

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