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“Great food, service, oh meatballs, more on that later, location and spending time with fellow Yelpers.” Salma b.

Kristina B shares a photo from the Yelp Elite event in Bavaro

On July 10, Yelp’s elite squad took a summer vacation on the Italian coast (without leaving Florida) thanks to the immersive and authentic experience provided by Bavaro’s in Sarasota.

On arrival, guests are greeted with a wonderful Stefano Ferrara oven made of wood. This focal point of the open kitchen is where the owner, Dan Bafforo, and his sons stood making authentic Neapolitan pizza. Guests were escorted to a private dining room upstairs for dinner.

When the elite weren’t savoring the delicious bites of the multi-course meal, or drinking a glass of limoncello in salute, they were sharing stories of past and future adventures.

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The meal started with crostini, burrata, arugula salad and the aforementioned meatballs.What makes these meatballs so great is the ricotta. Smooth and light with a light marinara sauce to compliment the meatballs. Really the best I’ve ever had. Yes, I have to go back to buy the meatballs(Salma B).

And for the entrance was served vodka Penne Ala. “The creamy, delicious sauce has a bit of spice, it’s amazing. Best vodka sauce around” (Daniel V). Bavaro’s is famous for their sauces, and it even sells some, like the Neapolitan pizza sauce online, but the vodka sauce is special; A wonderful blend of pancetta, onions, cream and san marzano tomatoes to order.

Before serving dessert, Dan Bavaro met each guest by bringing them to the table. The tiramisu was spongy and fluffy, dare I say ‘ethereal’?!(Ashley W.).

Yelp Elites care about their meal and their Yelp experience. And they soon realized that it was the Bavaro family’s passion and commitment that made this business such a sensation.

With 4 locations across Tampa Bay, every restaurant in Bavaro has a reputation for serving authentic Italian food from scratch. Enjoy live music in Bavaro in Sarasota From Tuesday to Sunday. stops at Bavaro in downtown Tampa For lunch specials Monday through Friday (spoiler alert: these meatballs are on the lunch menu). Enjoy people watching with a table on Central Ave at Bavaro in St Pete. You can also visit Bavaro at the airportAnd the order foodsend sauces to a loved one Amazon.

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