Beam Suntory Retail Concentrate, Dole Juice Innovation, Fresh Shelf Life Booster and more

‘Elevating Experiences’: Ray Suntory talks about the importance of travel retail to business success in India

MNC Beam Suntory believes that a revival of travel retail is particularly important to its business boom in India, as the company outlines how it plans to achieve growth in this category.

Beam Suntory owns many of India’s premium liquor brands, from award-winning guru whiskey to Jim Beam bourbon, and their focus in this field has meant they have had to contend with multiple challenges from alcohol taxes to travel bans in the past couple of years.

Beating the Bad: Dole to Focus on Clean Label and Enrich Juice Innovation in Asia Pacific

Fruit heavyweight Dole has revealed plans to focus on developing more clean labels and fortified juice products for the Asia Pacific market, citing growing consumer interest in the region as a key driver.

Although Dole, officially the Dole Sunshine Company, is already a well-known name in the region when it comes to fruit and juice products, the company believes it is important for it to go further when it comes to product development with a focus on health and wellness in light of consumer awareness. growing in the region.

Reduce spoilage: Bioactive Indian sachet innovation can boost the shelf life of fresh produce

Chennai-based startup Greenpod Labs has created bioactive bags that claim to reduce spoilage of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Deepak Rajmohan, CEO of Greenpod Labs, explained that the bioactive ingredients contained in the sachets can ripen uniformly and reduce microbial growth, thus extending the shelf life of the products.

The economic loss of food waste is costing India $12 billion. Although India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, 40% of them are lost before they reach the consumer. We have to solve this. If you can solve it for India, you will solve it for all developing countries,”He said.

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